The Perfect Cozy Night In

The Perfect Cozy Night In

*This is a collaboration with Panasonic. All words, images and opinions are my own.*

I love nights in at the best of times, but there’s really nothing better during the freezing cold, dark nights of winter. From prosecco in the bath, to watching films in front of the Christmas tree. It just doesn’t get more perfect. So here are my tips for the perfect cozy night in.

Watch a film or tv show

There’s nothing quite like cozying up on the sofa, cuddling under a blanket, and popping on a film. Especially a Christmas film or an old Hollywood classic. Or if you aren’t a film kinda person (apparently there are those type of people out there) then why not put on a tv show or documentary? A night in would be the perfect opportunity to catch up on Our Blue Planet. And why not watch it on all its glory on a Panasonic HDR 4K TV? Trust me, the picture quality of the show in 4k is amazing.

Take a bath

A cozy night in is the perfect opportunity to use that stash of Lush bath bombs you’ve acquired over the year. I love getting the opportunity to lock myself away in my bath tub. To make the perfect bath time experience I like to use a bath bomb, light a few candles, stick on a Spotify playlist and pour myself a glass of prosecco. I always find it difficult to step away from my phone and social media, so for me a bath is the perfect way to stay away from my phone.

Food and drink

Is it really a night in if you don’t order a takeaway? I don’t really eat too many takeaways anymore, so I always consider my nights in to be a special occasion and therefore a reason to treat myself. I especially love to treat myself to a Dominos- pizza, dough balls, cookies and ice-cream. Unreal.

If you aren’t in the mood for a takeaway you could always just stock up on the junk food instead. I love to have a bag of Doritos, maybe some Haribo and of-course lots and lots of chocolate. And at this time of year you can’t go wrong with a few mince pies either. And of course, you need to have some sort of a drink. Wether it’s alcohol or non-alcohol. I normally like to have a glass of prosecco or wine, but sometimes I love a big mug of hot chocolate.

Pamper yourself

There’s nothing quite like a good old pamper when you’re sitting in. I especially love to pamper myself if I’ve had a bath. Last Christmas I actually wrote a Winter Pamper Routine so you should definitely check that out. But basically, I like to break out all of my most luxurious skincare and body products, and pamper myself from head to toe.

What do you do on your cozy nights in?

*This is a collaborative post, but all opinions are my own. Please read my Disclaimer for more information*

  • Hayley The Tiny

    Cosy nights are just the best especially when the weather is so horrible and cold outside! I’m definitely one for getting my comfy pj’s on, a nice cuppa tea and sitting cuddled up in blankets and my duvet and watching a movie or at this time of year all the Christmas dvd’s I can find! Surrounded by all the chocolate and twinkling decorations 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, prosecco in the bath sounds absolutely fabulous! A good pamper is always a must as is a yummy takeaway! This post made me want to rush home and do all of these cosy things! xx

  • Sian…

    These are all cosy night in essentials for me too! I don’t often have takeaway now so it’s definitely a treat for me! I stock up on junk food as well! If I don’t have takeaway, I like to do a girls’ night in buffet full of hot and cold food, my friends often prefer it to a takeaway! Films and pampering are a must!

    Sian x

  • Totally agree on everything you’ve said in this post. I pretty much have a cosy night in every night anyway, but sometimes I just need to shake things up and remember what cosy nights are all about lol. I especially fancy a Dominos now!