Radiance Reveal Cleanser review

Radiance Reveal Cleanser review

About two months ago I was invited a long to a day spa in Belfast to take a look at their new range of products. Radiance Day Spa is situated on the Upper Lisburn Road, and has recently undergone an expansion. I was unfortunately unable to make the official launch evening, however I was able to take a visit in to receive a free skin scanning and consultation.

The first step in the consultation was our skin scanning. Radiance has a machine that takes pictures of your face under different lighting situations (daylight, UV light etc) to show up different problem areas such as redness, oil an sun damage. Now I’m not going to lie… these pictures are NOT attractive in the slightest. They really do show up every flaw and I was dreading putting them on here. But I’m being brave for the sake of this post.

Radiance Reveal Cleanser review

After the scanning, the lovely Carly talked through my results with me. She identified that I an oily t-zone and mild rosacea especially around my cheeks. Rosacea was something I suspected I had for a long time but I was never 100% sure, so I was glad to finally have it confirmed. As a result of my skin, Carly decided the Reveal Cleanser * would be the best product for me, as it contains glycolic acid which would help to gently exfoliate my skin without the use of heavy products that would irritate my skin further.

Radiance Reveal Cleanser review

I’ve now been using this cleanser for two months and I can confirm that I absolutely love it! I use this every morning just like I was recommended to do and it really has helped to make a difference to my skin. I apply this to dry skin and then leave it on for a few minutes before washing off with warm water. I normally apply it just before brushing my teeth so I can leave it on for two minutes.

After using this I have definitely seen an improvement in the texture of my skin. For a long time I had little lumps all over my cheeks that weren’t spots, but more like blocked pores (if that even makes sense) and now my cheeks are completely cleared up. I’ve also notices my skin generally isn’t as red as before, probably due to not use rough exfoliators on my skin anymore.

This cleanser has definitely helped to make a big difference to my skin, and when I run out I will definitely repurchasing. All of the products in this range are medical grade. I’ll definitely be trying more in the future, especially the Rejuvenate serum.

*Contains PR samples. Please read my Disclaimer for more information*

  • OMG Lauren, this cleanser sounds like it’s worked fabulously for you! The skin scanning does sound a little strange and scary but I’m so glad that you decided to upload those pictures to show people just how amazing the treatment is! xx

  • Sian…

    I need to go for a skin consultation. My eczema is so bad at the minute as well as my skin! Everytime a spot goes, another one pops up! I mean, it could be stress, poor eating and doing no exercise but I’d like to know for sure!

    Sian x