Christmas Jumpers

Christmas Jumpers

December is here which means it’s finally time to break out the Christmas jumpers! This year my mum and aunty decided that we have to wear Christmas jumpers on Christmas day, which means I have been on the search for the perfect jumper.

I personally don’t like to spend too much on my Christmas jumpers. I don’t wear the jumpers too much, I maybe only break them out once or twice over the festive season, so for me £25+ is a little bit excessive to me. Now I have selected a few slightly pricier jumpers in my list, but that’s only because despite the fact they are far too pricey for me to buy, they are adorable as hell.

The jumper I’m wearing in these photos is from Miss Guided, and while it is £25 normally, I very luckily took advantage of the 50% off Black Friday offer to get it. I really couldn’t resist it. Most people probably know I am not a morning person, so this top definitely speaks to me on another level!

Are you a fan of Christmas jumpers? Where have you been finding yours this year?

  • That’s a great jumper – I’m the same, definitely a morning person on Christmas day. Glad you managed to find a great black friday deal! x

  • This is such a gorgeous picture of you Lauren, and that jumper is absolutely fab! I really wanted to buy more Christmas jumpers this year but I deffo agree that they can be pretty pricey sometimes! xx

  • YES LAUREN! I AM LIVING FOR THIS PHOTO. You look bloody beautiful. I need you to come and shoot me and my whole life because you are truly one of the inspirations when it comes to my own photography too! So so so beautiful xxxx

  • Sian…

    I adore this jumper and how gorgeous are you?! I too refuse to pay a lot for Christmas jumpers as like you say, you can only wear them for a certain period of time! I get all of mine from Asda, their selection is amazing every year!

    Sian x