Favourite Halloween Movies

Favourite Halloween Movies

Every year, as soon as October arrives, I break out the Halloween movies. And for me, the cheesier the better. I just love cuddling up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, and a film targeted at a 10 year old. Seriously guys, it makes for the perfect night. So today, I thought I would share my favourite Halloween picks with you all!

Halloweentown trilogy

The Halloweentown trilogy has to be one of my all time favourite Halloween series. I just love the magic of the series and it features Debbie Reynolds who I LOVE. Now, you might notice I said trilogy despite there being four movies. Well that’s because I personally like to forget the last movie ever happened. I mean, to replace Kimberly J Brown with Sarah Paxton? Seriously. Worst decision ever. But the other three… they are classics in my mind.


Another movie aimed at kids but I can’t help but love! Tia and Tamera play magical twins who where separated at birth. On their 21st birthday they discover each other and their magic and have to save their magical homeland… Coventry. Again, a cheesy movie, but who doesn’t love Tia and Tamera?

The Addams Family

Bet you’re all humming the theme tune right now aren’t you? I actually love watching this film all year long (Wednesday is my spirit animal) but I particularly love breaking it out around Halloween.

Harry Potter series

“TROLL! IN THE DUNGEON! TROOLLLL in the dungeon… Just thought you ought to know…”

Ok, so these aren’t really Halloween movies as such, but I do love to watch them all back-to-back at Halloween. And you just can’t beat that troll scene.

The Craft

This film is a cult classic for a reason. Four outcasts meddle in witchcraft with dangerous results. And I pretty much love anything with Robin Tunney in.


Ok, so I don’t generally like horror films (I just don’t find them scary, sorry) but I do love Halloween! It doesn’t scare me as such, but it does make me jump and it puts me in the ultimate Halloween mood!

Hocus Pocus

Aaah, it wouldn’t be a Halloween film list without Hocus Pocus. I’m pretty sure everybody has watched it (if not, are you living under a rock?) and loves it. This is always one of the first films I put on in the run up to Halloween. And of course it gave us one of the best quotes… “Another glorious morning… makes me SICK!”.

What are your favourite Halloween movies?

  • I was reading this post like ‘ermmmm where is hocus pocus?!’ and then it was there… WHEYYY! Other than HP & Hocus Pocus, i’ve actually never watched any of these films; I better get a move on, its nearly Halloween!