Making a return to education

Making a return to education

Photography by Katherine McMorran

This blog has just turned four, which means it has also been four years since I left education. I initially started my blog as a distraction until I found a job and discovered exactly what it was I wanted to do. Well guess what? Four years later, and I still haven’t found a job. Luckily I think I’ve finally discovered what it is I want to do.

So as of Monday 18th September, I will be returning to college to complete the CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing. And as excited as I am, I’m also pretty damn nervous. After all, it’s been four years since I last sat in any form of classroom, or completed an assignment. And part of me is terrified that I won’t be able to get back into it. But I know I have to try, because I really want this. Like really want it. More than I even wanted my degree.

Making a return to education

Making a return to education


For those of you who don’t know, when I went to uni I went with the aspirations of eventually becoming a teacher. I went to university and completed a degree in Early Childhood Studies, and always intended on taking a PGCE afterwards But here’s the thing… I hated it. The only year I didn’t actually hate it, and actually put a lot of work in was my first year. Which, of course, only counted for 10% of my overall degree. Unfortunately, at some point between finishing first year and returning for second year I realised that working with kids wasn’t for me. I did however love the social side of university, and I also really didn’t want to drop out. So I stuck to it. For another two years I went to the minimum amount of classes, and put the least amount of work in, and somehow managed to pass.

Making a return to education

When I left university I kept trying to decide what I want to do. Everyone around me was asking me when I was going to apply for a PGCE, or put my degree to use, and I kept coming up with excuses. But the truth of the matter was I just couldn’t bare the thought of having to work with children.

It’s perhaps quite ironic that my blog, which I originally created as a distraction from my career issues, is what has helped me to decide what I want to do. Because I seriously love blogging. I love everything about it. And ultimately, this is what I want to do. Now don’t get me wrong- I do not want to take my blog full time. I never have. But I would love to run a blog for a company. And sort out all of their social media channels, and take pictures for them.

And because of that, I am determined to make sure I succeed with this course! I am going to put my absolute all into it. It’s a part time course and my classes are all in the evening which means I can still work, but I’m planning on cutting down to four days a week so I can devote a full day to my work and a full day to my blog (because my blog means more to me than an extra days wages, I love it THAT MUCH).

Making a return to education

I am also going to look into trying to find an internship (in which case I will obviously cut my hours in work down even more) because I really want to get as much experience as possible. And if anybody knows of any online brands or websites who are looking help with their social media then please, let me know!

And a huge thank-you to Katherine McMorran for the photos! Who knew I could look this good in photos?

Making a return to education

Making a return to education

Making a return to education

  • Happy bloggerversary Lauren! Four years , that’s a long time. I’m glad you’ve been able to figure out what you want to do. Wishing you luck with your classes and I pray that you find the internship and job of your dreams 🙂
    Coco Bella Blog

  • Girl, these photos are STUNNING. You look so beautiful! And that outfit! Best of luck with starting your course, I know you’ll be great.

  • Paul Mc Cann

    Best wishes on your studies. I went back to studying part time last year after more years than I care to remember. It was to complete my CIPD, once you get back into it the old university ways kick back in again..

  • Good luck and have fun with your studies! I graduated only back in November 2016 and I’m heading back to school for a certificate in Digital Marketing/Social Media to look for a potential career change, and also because I loooove learning.

  • Emma Ramsell

    Good luck with your studies. Your determination is amazing and I seriously can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!
    Emmajaderamselll, xxx

  • loving the photos girl! Good luck with your studies and I’m sure you’re going to have a blast. Looking forward to reading more about your time here xx


  • Good luck with your studies! I’m just going into third year and while I’m not really enjoying my course completely anymore, I’m going to try my hardest this year and hope to come out with a decent grade so I can do a masters in Journalism.
    Alicia x

  • Sian…

    I bloody love these pictures! You are so darn beautiful! Like you, my masters is my last chance to get a real job as my dad says. I’m lucky that I have my marketing degree to fall back on if I fail as a journalist. It’s so hard to get onto the full-time job ladder! I was applying for pretty much every retail job in Hull before I moved to Sheffield and got nothing! I’ve worked in retail since I was 16! I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job on your marketing course! If you need any help or get stuck, just give me a shout!

    Sian x