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Celeb Tan

As somebody who naturally resembles Casper the Ghost, I am always on the search for the perfect fake tan. Over the years I have tried many brands and price points- from the cheap St Moriz (turned me green) to the expensive St Tropez (which all washed straight off in the shower) and none of them have been ‘the one’. Don’t get me wrong, some of them have done a decent enough job- I’ve used Bondi Sands for well over a year now and it gave me a decent colour, even if it did take three coats to do so. So when Lisa from Celeb Tan* contacted me to see if I would like to try out their new tan, I jumped at the chance!

Now I’ll be honest- due to my past experiences with fake tan I wasn’t expecting miracles from this product. I had long since accepted the fact that fake tan just doesn’t stick to my skin all that well. It’s almost as though my skin just repels it. But oh how wrong I was.

The day before I applied this tan I went through my usual pre-tan routine. Shower, exfoliate, shave. I’m sure you all know the drill. When it came to actually applying the tan I made two mistakes. Firstly, I used the WORST fake tan mitt ever. Seriously, it felt like I was using sandpaper on my skin and even my mum (aka my designated back tanner) said it was terrible. Spend a little money on your mitts people, it’s worth it. Secondly, I rushed my fake tanning. And I’ll explain why a little later in the post.

Now, the label on the bottle gives instructions for how long to leave the tan. 1 hour for a light tan, 2 hours for a medium, and three hours for a dark. Being the rebel that I am (and due to how badly my skin takes to tan) I did my usual routine of applying before bed and washing it off the next morning. Well when I woke up the next morning (very early and still half asleep might I add), I jumped into the shower without looking in a mirror, and looked down expected to see a stream of fake tan running down the drain. Except there was none. (For a moment in my half asleep state I actually thought I had dreamt applying the tan). Yep, the tan had actually stuck to my skin.

Celeb tan

Now this is where the issues from me rushing it came into play. Normally I have to apply at least two (preferable three) coats to get any actual colour so I’ve come accustomed to quickly chucking my tan on in the space of 5 minutes as I have another session or two to fix up any streaks. So I did have a few streaks but this was 100% down to my terrible application (and the mitt) rather than the tan. Next time I’ll actually have to put some effort into the application.

The colour this tan left me with is honestly the most gorgeous colour I’ve ever had. I know I left it for longer than the bottle said (I’ll probably do this every time if I’m honest) but I would say it would give a gorgeous colour even if you left it for the time it says on the bottle. There was no orange or green tones, and best of all it doesn’t have that horrible fake tan smell that most tans have. And I checked the inside of my pyjamas the next day… pretty much zero transfer.

I’ve now been wearing the tan for a week and I’ve honestly never had so many compliments. So many girls have asked me what tan I’ve been using and commented on how amazing the colour is. And after about 5 days the tan started to fade naturally. As I said it’s been a week now and I’m not as dark as I was but I still do have some colour and it still looks very natural (aka no patchy fading).

If you want to buy Celeb Tan (and I seriously do recommend you do) you can do so here for only £14.99

And if you are a beginner when it comes to fake tan, then read my tips and tricks for a perfect tan.

*Contains PR samples. Please read my Disclaimer for more information*

  • Emma Ramsell

    Oh wow, as a fellow casper its great to know a product can actually work. It’s given you such a lovely colour! And having a compliment or two is always a bonus.
    Em xxx

  • this is crazy! I’ve never seen a tan that works so quickly. I’ve still got my summer tan but this is possibly something to invest in when it comes to November/December! x


  • This is absolutely insane how dark it’s gone! I might purchase a bottle for special events so I can get a nice dark skin without having to tan 2 or 3 times.
    Alicia x

  • Oh my god Lauren! This tan looks amazing, I can’t believe the colour difference. I think that very creative before and after has truly sold me… I need some!!!
    Debra-Bow xxx |