If you have read my Part one of my Split, Croatia travel diary, you will know that I spent most of my days at the beach. Today I’m bringing you part 2 of my travel diary from which you will learn we spent the rest of our time in the Old Town eating and drinking. Now, I thought the first part of this travel diary was photo heavy. But I have definitely outdone myself this time. It’s a good job a lot of you seem to like my photos.

After spending our first day sunbathing at the beach, we headed into the Old Town where we went for food (I can’t remember where) and then headed for drinks at a bar called Fabrique! Fabrique was a very cool, trendy bar. It was quite quiet the night we went, but we found town was quiet in general on Sunday. Maybe it’s just not the most popular night there? And the best part about Fabrique… the music. Seriously. Such a great playlist. After here we went on to another random spot for drinks before ending our night in Central Club- if you are after great late night nightlife, then head here!



On the Monday night we had already ate dinner at the beach, so we headed into town for a walk around and for drinks. First we took a lovely walk around the palace looking at some of the market stalls. When we where exploring through the palace ruins we came across as spot where the cast of a theatre performance where hanging around between their scenes. It was great seeing them all dressed up in their costumes and we could even hear some of the singing that was going on.

After taking a few pictures and just admiring the beauty of the ruins, we wandered around stopping in different bars for drinks. We ended up in a bar called Gaga bar and we all loved it- such a fun atmosphere and great music! We loved it so much that we ended up going back on the Tuesday night as well.



On the Tuesday night we went to a cheese and wine bar called Paradox for our dinner. We shared two cheese platters and a bottle of wine between the three of us and I have to say: it was amazing! We where sat out on the terrace and the views where gorgeous. The staff where so helpful and cheese tasted so good. We also got some olives and tapenade to go along with our breads- such a great decision.

My favourite platter had to be the herb and spice palette. Particularly the truffle cheese- it was unreal. One thing I definitely noticed about the wine in Croatia was the price. While most of the drink was pretty cheap (you could get a pint for about £2.50 in places), the wine was definitely not. Both times we bought wine we bought one of the cheapest bottles but it was still about £30 for each bottle. Good job the wine was extremely good.


After our cheese and wine we wandered along the Riva (the promenage) and went to a place called ‘Olive Tree’ for a few beers and a shisha. I have to say, they where so nice here! When we arrived there where no more tables outside and the inside tables where only for people who where eating. But the staff put together a table for us outside which was so kind of them! If you are in Split then I definitely recommend going to Olive Tree, if only to see the gorgeous interiors. In the middle of the restaurant is an actual olive tree- how cool? After our drinks here we headed back to Gaga for more drinks. Gaga definitely seemed to be the spot for young travellers, and we got talking to quite a few people, all of whom seem to have done a lot of exploring of the world.

On the Wednesday we woke up and packed our bags since it was our final day. We handed our keys over and took an Uber into town where we had the dilemma of what to do with our suitcases. After all, with about 8 hours before we had to head to the airport, we didn’t want to have to pull them around with us all day. Luckily, after a quick google search, we discovered that we could store our luggage at a ‘Garderoba’ which are located in a lot of locations around the bus station.




After dropping off our bags we took a proper walk around the markets. There are markets both inside and outside the palace building, and there are so many gorgeous things you can buy. We all bought similar ‘friendship’ bracelets. I would have bought more but, with only hand luggage, I had no room for anything.

After walking around the markets we headed for lunch at Brasserie on 7. We got here a little bit early for lunch, but it was definitely worth the wait! I had ‘Korculanski Makaruni’ (pasta with shaved black truffle and parmesan) for my starter, and a beef burger with mushrooms, swiss cheese and bbq sauce and a side of chips for main. The food was so tasty but unfortunately our eyes where definitely bigger than our stomachs and we struggled to finish (me especially, I only ate about half my burger).




After lunch we took another wander through the markets before heading for cocktails in Pjaca Square. This was our last cocktail before we headed back to get our bags and had to say goodbye to Laura whose flight was two hours before ours. After saying goodbye, Rosie and I headed back to Terminal-F where we had a few drinks and even managed some food (nachos and mac & cheese- yummy). Finally, the time came for us to unfortunately say good bye to Split. We decided to take an Uber back to the airport and we had such a friendly driver! He told us a bit about the area and the history, and also told us about the fires they had a few weeks previously.

I absolutely loved my time in Split. 4 days was definitely not long enough, and I would love to go back so I can explore the islands and other parts of the country.

Have you ever been to Croatia?

  • Split sounds like it has a vibrant night life with lots of different bars and clubs. Enjoyed reading this and loved the pictures especially the last ones! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  • Split sounds so incredible! I’ve been to Croatia once (earlier this year actually) but I stayed on a resort just outside Porec so I didn’t get to visit many of the tourist spots.
    Alicia x

  • Pili G

    Croatia looks so beautiful! I really want to travel there! Love your pictures!

    To Read with Tea

  • Photos are amazing and you look beautiful. So glad you had a great time. You really deserve it! Xxxxxx

  • Ah Lauren it looks so gorgeous here! I’m desperate to go to Croatia as my boyfriend has been and he said it so lovely! Your pictures make me want to go even more haha xx

  • You have crammed an impressive amount into your four day trip, Lauren! You look gorgeous in all of your holiday outfits, especially that red skirt and top combo, you’re stunning! The architecture of Split is also just gorgeous, I’m not surprised you took so many photos! The pasta with black truffles you had on the last day sounds absolutely delish, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! This post has given me such wanderlust, I’m dying to explore Croatia for myself now!

    Abbey 👑

  • I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THISSSSSSSS!! absolutely loved following your Croatia travels. It looked incredible. You looked incredible too!! I would absolutely love to visit this beautiful place xxxxx

  • This is amazing, Croatia looks amazing and the architecture in split seems phenomenal – I love the flowers growing on the walls it’s so pretty! X

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  • Sian…

    The architecture sounds beautiful and you managed to cram in so much in just 4 days! Amazing photos!

    Sian x

  • Tania Ribeiro

    Your post has really made me want a holiday! The photos are amazing, think I can fit a babymoon in before November?!?!

    Tania ||

  • very jealous of your snaps! I’m hoping to go to Croatia next year (Dubrovinik so I can see the Game of Thrones filming locations!) x


  • It’s looks stunning here. I really want to visit! Also your photography is stunning 💕

    Steph xx

  • Emma Ramsell

    This looks amazing, It sounds like you had an amazing time! Well at least the wine was nice – always a bonus!
    The markets look beautiful, you may have just changed my opinion on Croatia a little.
    Em xxx