Travel Diary: Split, Croatia (Part 1)

Travel Diary: Split, Croatia

(Now keep in mind that I certainly know how to ramble and I took lots and lots of pretty photos. So for the purposes of not scaring you all away, I have split this into two posts. Part 1 is all about my first night and the beaches. And part 2 is all about my evenings and last day in the old-town. Also, again… I took lots and lots of photos. So expect a pretty photo-heavy post.)

Trying to find somewhere for this years holiday with my friends was quite tricky. Because of our different schedules there was only 4 days that we could find that suited us all. And since these 4 days where at the end of July, everything was so expensive. Finally, we managed to find cheap flights and a cheap apartment in the Croatian coastal city of Split.

Croatia has really grown in popularity over the past year. For the few months before we went I noticed that there was hardly a week went by that somebody on my facebook or twitter was flying off there. When we got there it wasn’t hard to see why- it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Travel Diary: Split, Croatia

Rosie and I flew out from Belfast International Airport on the Saturday night, and met Laura at the airport in Split. Since there are only two flights a week to Split from Belfast we where set to get in late, and due to delays, we got in even later: nearly 23.00. Luckily it’s only a 25 minute taxi journey from the airport into Split itself so we where at our apartment in no time.

We stayed in an apartment called Cozy Apartments and I definitely recommend it! It was a little outside of the town, but it was only a 5 minute uber journey. And in case you are wondering: Uber is so cheap! Approximately kn28.43 (£3.46) for the journey into town.

Travel Diary: Split, Croatia

Travel Diary: Split, Croatia

On our first night we quickly left our bags off in the apartment then headed straight into the old town for a few drinks. We went to a bar called Terminal-F for a few cocktails. It was so nice to sit here and just look out over the harbour. There was a decent cocktail list as well, though they worked out at almost £10 a cocktail, so not exactly cheap.

We stayed here until closing before taking a wander around the town. One word: gorgeous! Seriously, the old palace is beautiful and I loved all of the cobbled streets. If you are into history and architecture then this is definitely the place for you. Diocletian palace was built by the Romans at the turn of the fourth century and is seriously impressive. I can only imagine how beautiful it must have been when it was first built.

Travel Diary: Split, Croatia

Travel Diary: Split, Croatia

Travel Diary: Split, Croatia

For the next three days we spent our days on different beaches. On the Sunday we went to Bacvice beach which is a very popular sandy beach. There was beach bars, lots of food huts and plenty of activities if you didn’t want to just lie around on the beach (which we did). Bacvice is definitely the perfect beach if you want to be around lots of young people. There was a great atmosphere, lots of rock jumping, and there is a nightclub for the night time.

After we where finished sunbathing we decided to take a walk along the beach and ended up climbing up on some rocks (not the easiest thing to do in a skirt and slip on sandals) and it gave us the most gorgeous views!

Travel Diary: Split, Croatia

Travel Diary: Split, Croatia

Day 2 we went to Trstenik beach and on the 3rd day we went to Znjan beach. These beaches are right next to each other and are both very similar. In fact, they are pretty much just the same beach, just different streches. They are pebble beaches rather than sandy beaches which meant they where less messy but also harder to walk around (we didn’t have rock shoes).

There’s only one word to describe the views from these beaches: stunning. Seriously guys, you look out over the water and you can see all of the mountains. These two beaches where definitely a lot less busy than Bacvice, and had a lot more families. As much as I loved Bacvice, I actually think I preferred these two beaches as I found I could chill and relax a lot easier.

Travel Diary: Split, Croatia

Travel Diary: Split, Croatia

Also, if you guys ever go to Znjan beach you have to check out the beach bar Plan B. It’s such a cool, hipster location, with superhero inspired toilet doors, a massive craft beer selection, and just the all-around coolest interiors.

So there you have it for part 1 of my Split travel diary. Check back next week for my part 2 which is going to include a lot of gorgeous pictures of the old-town! I’m also going to be putting together a little ‘guide to Split’ post in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that as well!

Have you ever been to Croatia?

  • Such stunning photograph Lauren and it looks like you had an amazing time. I feel like everyone is visiting Croatia recently and I’m dying to go back!
    Alicia x

  • I’m dying to get to croatia! Your photography is absolutely stunning and has given me all the wanderlust. Uber sounds so affordable too, but the cocktails super pricey x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  • it’s such an idea to stay just outside of central locations and travel in each day…you end up saving so much money for nothing more than 10 mins a day! my boyf and i always try to look a little outside the box if we need to save money.

    also, is there anything better than a gals holiday?! like anything at all?! looks like you had a really lovely time! lovely pictures too.

    katie xx

  • Your photos are absolutely stunning Lauren! I’m not surprised that you fell in love with this beautiful city, it seems to have so much to offer! I’d have loved to visit the Diocletian ruins, anything Roman has a real draw for the nerd in me hehe! The beaches look incredible too, it’s so nice that Split has such a great mix of culture, history and fun holiday activities! Looking forward to the next instalment of your travel diary already!

    Abbey 💓

  • I’ve already been living through your Croatia travels on your Instagram but I’m so excited for this post. I love the look of croatia and agree that the tourism is doubling every year. My friend is there RIGHT NOW! So jealous.

    Your photos look incredible! So glad you had the most amazing time.

    Lots of love, Debra-Bow xxx

  • What a pretty place! I feel like it would be the perfect place for me to visit as I’m really into history so would love to visit the palace and all that and I also like beaches. It’s a win-win haha. Found your blog through Alicia from Aesthetic Obsessed’s new post and I like it a lot! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  • It looks like you’ve had an amazing time! Your photography is amazing here!

    Steph xx

  • Looks incredible and sounds like you had a great time. You look stunning Lauren!!! xxxxxxx

  • Sian…

    Your photos are stunning! Croatia has never really been on my radar to travel to but I might be tempted now! That apartment is lovely too; very homely!

    Sian x

  • Emma Ramsell

    How amazing does this place look! Croatia has never really been a place where I thought I would ever go but with images like these how could it not be ?
    Em xxx