Why I’m trying to be more ethical with my fashion

Why I'm trying to be more ethical with my fashion

Before I went on my holidays I decided I had no holiday clothes. Nothing whatsoever. Zilch. So I headed straight to Boohoo and put in an order. Nearly £100 spent on clothes solely for the sake of my holiday. Then, a few days before my holiday I decided to actually look through my wardrobe. And guess what I found? So many clothes that I forgot I had, that would be perfect to take on holiday.

Similarly, today I decided I should clear out my wardrobe. I have two wardrobes absolutely full of clothes, and a chest of drawers that I have to squeeze to drawers shut on. Yet despite this, I wear the same 5 items on repeat (ok, 5 items is a slight understatement). Most of the things that I was pulling out to be got rid of have hardly been wore. I have clothes that I bought and kept despite the fact they never fit. I have the clothes I bought, wore once and forgot about. I have clothes that I bought, was supposed to send back, but couldn’t be bothered with the inconvenience.

So this has got me thinking. Why do I waste so much money on clothes that I am never going to wear? Why do I waste so much money on ‘trendy’ clothes when I know I’m not going to be wearing them come next season? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not the biggest shopper. I have a fairly simple style and I don’t buy into too many trends. But I still do waste far too much money on ‘fast fashion’.

Why I'm trying to be more ethical with my fashion

So I made a decision. For now on I am going to try taking part in more ethical fashion. Recently I’ve spent a lot of time scrolling through depop, and I’ve already bought a few pieces. One of these was a gorgeous orange topshop skirt that I bought from Allie’s depop for only £7. Another was a stunning blush pink jumper from Josie’s depop for only £9. So not only am I saving myself money, I’m helping to recycle these clothes.

I’m going to be honest. I don’t know a huge pile about ethical/sustainable fashion. But it’s definitely something I want to educate myself on. Looking through my wardrobe definitely left me feeling a little ashamed at myself. So in the future I’m going to try and stick to charity shops and online sites such as depop and ebay for my clothing purchases.

If anybody has any recommendations for books or articles I can read to educate myself, then please let me know in the comments!

Do you participate in ethical fashion?

  • Really good points. Having a few key pieces that you’ll actually wear is a lot better than having a bunch of fast fashion items that you don’t necessarily need. It’s also my goal to have an ethically built wardrobe!

    • It definitely is Vanessa! I’m definitely going to try and invest in more classic long-term pieces, and also use the likes of depop or charity shops to help recycle clothes.
      x Lauren

  • I think this an amazing post it’s so easy to forget about being ethical with clothing, I’ve recently been buying more of depop and eBay to reuse clothes, I’ve also stopped throwing clothes away and have been recycling them or donating them x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

  • Yes Lauren!! Although I did buy myself a few new pieces for my holiday to Portugal, most of them came from charity shops! This is a great way of shopping ethically, supporting good causes, and purchasing clothes for a fraction of their original price! As well as buying, charity shops are great for getting rid of items that are still in good condition! Recently I had a hade wardrobe clearout and sent a car boot full of clothes to charity, it felt great having more space in my closet and knowing they went to support good causes makes it even better! I definitely need to do some research into ethical fashion as well and find out which brands are the best to shop from! Fantastic post!

    Abbey 💗 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  • This is such a great idea! If I’m honest I don’t actually buy a lot of clothes but I think ethical fashion is just an amazing idea to try! Xx

  • This is such a good idea Lauren and also a great way to help others at the same time.

    Steph xx

  • I need to start investing into more items of clothing rather than buying fast fashion.
    Alicia x

  • I don’t buy into trends either, mainly because I feel old and would look silly on me. I haven’t bought anything on depot but will check it out now. Good to save money xxxxxx


  • Tania Ribeiro

    I always buy pieces that I can make work with ours. I tens not to buy into latest trends as I hate most the stuff on me anyways. I dress quite simple when it comes to me!

    Tania || http://www.taniaalexandraribeiro.com

  • Depop is brilliant and i use eBay far more now too. I just sold quite a few things on there and it is actually quite therapeutic! I couldn’t get over how many clothes people had at uni, as i’ve always been quite minimalist – i wanted too offer to sell for them!

    Bumble and Be

  • Sian…

    You might like capsule wardrobing! I follow Unfancy’s blog as she is amazing at capsules. In terms of books, try The Curated Closet, The Happy Closet and both Marie Kondo books! I’m obsessed with minimalism right now which sort of fits in with ethical fashion/beauty!

    Sian x

  • This is an interesting post, Lauren! I try not to spend too much on clothing and one thing that has helped me with that is not to give in to sales. We get so many emails telling us about the latest offers and sales and that’s what usually gets us to buy things we don’t necessarily need – and sometimes, things that we like the price of more than the style!