Ending a relationship

Ending a relationship

Relationships are tricky things right? And even trickier is the ending of a relationship. My two year relationship ended a few weeks back and ever since I have been full of confusion, heartache and emptiness. Leading to me sitting here writing this post. I don’t even know what I’m going to write, or what this post is actually supposed to be about. Heck, I don’t even know if I’m going to hit publish. But this is my blog, and it’s supposed to be a place where I write about my life. So if I can write about the good times, I should also be able to write about the bad times. Right?

My break-up wasn’t a shock. I knew it was coming. I knew it was coming for weeks, I just didn’t know when. I also knew it was the right thing to do, not that it makes it any easier whatsoever to accept and deal with. I’m not about to get into the specifics of it all, because it’s personal and it’s not something I fancy publishing for the world to see, I just want to ramble a little bit.

See, my boyfriend, he was my best friend. And while we where only going out for two years, we were friends for a lot longer than that. We first started working together when we were 16, and we always got a long well. He could always make me laugh with his stupid jokes. He never treated me like some stupid little girl (which I hate to say, but a lot of guys do), and we always had fun.

His ability to make me laugh was the number one thing I loved about our relationship. Even when I was mad at him, he would soon have me laughing. His stupid jokes, his weird sense of humour… I loved it all. And that’s the thing I’m going to miss the most. Because even though we’ve said we’ll stay friends, things will never be the same again. The hardest thing isn’t necessarily that I’m losing my boyfriend, it’s that I’m losing my friend. The person I could always be myself around. The person I could always be as weird, silly self around.

I’m going to miss his jokes. I’m going to miss his weirdness. I’m going to miss his hugs, because he really did give the best hugs. Maybe if I could hate him it would be easier. If I could get mad at him, if he had done something wrong. But I can’t. Because he did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong either, it was just one of those things. One of those shitty, crappy events that can’t be avoided but is heartbreaking at the same time.

And that’s just the way of life.

Ending a relationship

Ending a relationship

Ending a relationship

Ending a relationship

  • Oh that is such a sad situation for you, make sure you take some time out to recuperate xxxx


  • I’m so sorry you have to go through this! I went through a similiar situation last year, when neither party had done anything wrong, but it just ended. And it is so heartbreaking, because you can’t hate the person because there is no certain reason to make you hate them, but the pain you feel is real and raw. I promise you will get through this though and feel a lot happier. The right person will come along. You have plenty of time. Time heals. Best wishes xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your relationships ending. I’ve been in this situation before with a previous boyfriend when we broke up and it was horrible, thankyou for sharing your experience x

  • Relationship break ups are tough, especially when you saw it coming and it was probably for the best. Time is a great healer, I experienced it ages ago now, 3 years ago and whilst it was a tough part of my life it gave me the time to put myself first, do the things I enjoy and discover new things about myself too! 🙂


  • Hope you’re OK lovely.
    I have not a lot more to say than the cliche comment of, time is a healer/you’ll be OK/life goes on/plenty of more fish/his loss/
    Just stay strong and true to yourself and enjoy yourself. We all deal differently.x


  • ADoseOfChatter

    This is such a beautifully written piece, and the photos are stunning. I didn’t realise how close friends you were before you were together, I can only imagine it makes the whole breakup so much harder. You know I’m here for you no matter what you beautiful thing ❤❤❤

    Love Izzy | http://www.adoseofchatter.com

  • This was really lovely Lauren, you can tell you thought a lot of your boyfriend… as you say almost easier if you could hate him. I am so sorry it had to end. I hope one day you guys can be friends again. Lots of love to you xxxxxxxx


  • Oh Lauren, I wish more people dealt with breakups in the mature way you have! You clearly loved your boyfriend very much, and although the relationship has ended, you’ve treated it with honour and respect! The pain of a relationship ending is always so raw but I’m sure that you will get through it and that you’ll come out the other side stronger and even happier!

    Abbey 🌸 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  • I’m so sorry you’ve had to experience what you have in the last few weeks, but as we girls have told you in our little group chat, what you’re feeling is so normal. Girl, you will eventually get where you need to be, and theres no wrong or right way to do it. Cry all you need, laugh all you need, just do what you need to do. You are so incredibly strong to have written this post, as we can all tell how special he was to you… and hopefully he knows it too, because even though staying friends will probably be very hard, he will appreciate the kindness and the amount of love you have brought into his, and so many others lives. Love you x

  • Lauren Wilkinson

    I’m sorry to hear that Lauren. I completely agree that a blog should be an outlet for both the positive and the negative, and hope that it has been somewhat cathartic to share. As others have said, time is definitely the best healer. Stay strong but remember to let it all out too.

    Lauren x| bylaurenjane

  • Such a beautiful and well written post! I am so sorry that you have had to go through a break-up lovely. You’re doing so well lovely, but you know that I’m always around if you need to chat. sending you lots of love xx


  • This post had me in tears because I went through a very similar thing, my ex and I were only together for 5 months we were very close, but the distance we went through isn’t something we could cope with. While I lost my best friend for a while, 6 months later and we’ve rekindled that friendship now we’ve had time apart to heal and recover. I found that crying helped so much, the more I cried the better I felt…almost like all the feelings were leaving my body.
    Alicia x

  • Oh no thats such a shame but some times it happens. I just went through a breakup but the relationship is tainted with arguments and him lying. 🙁 Wish it was a bit more amicable like yours!

    Emma x


  • Must have been hard sharing this post, since relationships are such a personal thing and thank you for sharing as this is what blogging should be about.
    A break up is hard, but in time it gets to a point where you get used to being without them.
    Do things that you enjoy, spend a lot of time with friends and family, and smile at the lovely moments you shared together.

    For every stage of our lives, there is someone for it.


  • Sian…

    What a beautiful and well-written post Lauren. Although like you say, you knew the end was coming, it doesn’t make it any easier. I split with my ex around two years ago when I had to dump him just before exam time because he didn’t have the balls to do it! Looking back, I’m so glad that I had something to focus on because if not, I think I’d have had a breakdown or something. I definitely think keeping yourself busy and focusing on other things can help but also understand that it’s okay to feel sad and down; break-ups always suck! I hope you’re feeling a little better now <3

    Sian x

  • Stacey

    Bless you, I’m sorry you’re going through something like this. I went through a nasty breakup a few years ago and I used my blog to help me get through it, so I’d definitely encourage you to write about your feelings if you need to. It can be really therapeutic. I hope everything works out for you and you feel better soon.

  • Holly

    Breakups are the worst and it must be so hard loosing someone you had such a tie to. So sorry lovely. Xxx

    Holly x

  • Foxxtailz

    Such a beautifully written post. Break ups are really tough. I’m so sorry you’re going back through this gal, hope you’re ok xxx

  • This post is written beautifully <3 Sorry to hear you're experiencing it lovely. It'll get easier! Hope you're ok

    Katie x

  • Emma Boatman

    Wonderfully written piece on such a difficult time in your life – I hope everything works out for you in the end
    Em x

  • Chloe

    Ah lauren this is such a beautifully written post, I’m so sorry your relationship ended though 🙁 I can’t even imagine losing my boyfriend and best friend, so I’m always here if you ever need to talk xx

  • Helena Mulhearn

    This is so sad to hear, i hope your feeling a bit better

  • This post really pulled at my heart strings. Always hear if you need to talk. You’ll be better and stronger soon xx


  • I can relate to this post so much. I went out with a guy who I had text every single day of my life for around 5 years. We text from the moment we opened our eyes to the moment we went to bed. We would meet for coffee and go for drives – help each other out with everything. Then one day we ended up as a couple – it seemed natural. Four and a half years later and I ended it. It just wasn’t right, in hindsight it should never have happened but it did. I can relate to your post cause I’ve lost my friend he won’t speak to me as he thinks it would be too hard. It’s so strange to going from having that constant contact – to nothing! I hope you are okay *hugs* xoxo

    Rach | https://caninesandcosmetics.blogspot.co.uk