Props every blogger should have

Props every blogger should have

While my blog photos may not be perfect, I like to think they have improved considerably over the past 6 months. And part of that is definitely down to me learning how to make better use of props. I love to use props in my photos, they help to add interest and dimension to a photo. So today I thought I would share my the ten props that every blogger should have. And just remember you don’t have to spend a fortune on props- a lot of these you’ll probably already have lying around the house!

1. White Sheets/Mountboard

Most bloggers, myself included, are a fan of a white background when it comes to their blog photos. Unfortunately, not everybody has a room full of white furniture to make this possible. I recently acquired a lovely white bedside table that I can use for my photos, but before that I had to get creative. One of my favourite props for getting a white background, was an A3 sheet of mountboard. Another way of achieving a white background is through using white bed sheets. I picked up a cheap one and I still use this when I fancy a change from my bedside table.

2. Coffee table books

If you’re anything like me, then you will have a hundred coffee table books lying around. And these books make the perfect props! You can use them behind products to give a lovely background blur, or as something to set a product on top of, or simply as a prop in a flatlay. And if you are in need of cheap books then check out TK Maxx, that’s where I get 99% of mine!

3. Flower/ flower petals

Flowers and petals are a great prop for photos! If you’re not a fan of fresh flowers, then fake flowers are always a great option, and also helps to work out cheaper. I also love using dried petals like these in my photos. I just find they give such a romantic feel to my pictures, and are the perfect accompaniment to underwear pictures in particular.

Props every blogger should have

4. Wrapping Paper

A few months ago I bought three rolls of wrapping paper from TK Maxx, and they make lovely alternatives to a white background. To make them easier to use I wrapped pieces of cardboard in them and not they are easily placed in and out of photos.

5. Magazines

Most of us tend to buy magazines, and they can make the perfect backgrounds for photos! I love to use magazines when I’m photographing on my bed, I find they help to give it a casual ‘thrown together’ feel.

6. Jewellery

I love adding necklaces to my photos. I usually place them in front of the object I am photographing, to help give that pretty blur that I love to have in all my photos. You can also add rings, earrings, bracelets… items almost all of us have lying around!

Props every blogger should have

7. Glasses/Sunglasses

Similar to magazines, I love to use my glasses in photos that I am taking on my bed. I have two pairs from Lipsy that I switch between (depending on which pair I am actually wearing) and they both add a cute touch. Now I know not everybody has glasses, but if you don’t you can also use your sunglasses, though obviously this adds a different appearance.

8. Bowls and mugs

I don’t know about you, but I have so many pretty mugs and bowls that I have bought simply because of how cute they are! Half of them I don’t even use because I’m afraid of breaking them, so they are perfect to use in photos!

Props every blogger should have

9. Blankets and throws

I love adding blankets/throws to my pictures, they really add a coziness and texture to them. I have two that I generally like to use- one white fluffy throw, and one grey blanket (that I ‘borrowed’ from my mum. Oops). In particular I love to use the grey and I like to pair it with a pink bed sheet I have. It just makes for the perfect colour scheme.

10. Cards/Prints

I have a few birthday cards that I have kept because they have a cute quote or saying on them (generally relating to gin). I also have a few lovely prints that I have bought from various bloggers etsy’s or from TK Maxx. These make for great backdrops to photos. They also make for a great main focus if you looking a little change.

What blogging props do you like to use?


Props every blogger should have

  • I need to get myself some more of throws and pillows! x

    • I need to get some more as well! Thanks for reading šŸ™‚
      x Lauren

  • Confetti & Cashmere

    These are great ideas for blogging props! I tend to use a white or marble background created with sticky back plastic! I love the little petals you use, your pictures always look so pretty. xx

    • Aww thank-you! You can never go wrong with a white/marble background! I need to get myself something marble related
      x Lauren

  • Lauren you bloody slay photography girl! I’m always appreciative of all your tip posts, they always help! I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for a marble background when it comes to product photography but my lord, I need to up my game with props!!! I’m going to take some advice from this when I next do my bulk photo session and get back to you on how it went! I’ve used a few of the suggestion you’ve put down but I definitely need to reinvent HOW I use them. I love the necklace idea though!! xxxx

    • Aww Debra thank-you so much <3 And I'm so glad you find them useful! I really do love writing these tip posts, so it's very motivating to know that people appreciate them šŸ™‚
      x Lauren

  • this is a very handy post! I use the most random things for my blog photography backdrops but I need to change it up a bit! thanks for the suggestions xx


    • Glad it’s a useful post šŸ™‚ Random props are the best!
      x Lauren

  • Some out of the ordinary ideas here, Lauren! Thank you, it’s always refreshing to see something new like this! I use white A3 paper for backgrounds (sadly I don’t have any white furniture either), but I like the tip about using necklaces, it isn’t something I’d thought of before but you’re right – it adds dimension to your pics! Thanks for sharing!

    Abbey šŸ˜Š

    • Thanks for reading Abbey, I’m glad people are finding it so useful! I just love blur in my photos so anything that adds dimension is a favourite of mine!
      x Lauren

  • ADoseOfChatter

    I looooooved this, so useful for new bloggers and seasoned ones too! I’m definitely gonna be looking out for wrapping paper now! I’ve been wanting to bring some more texture to my videos so thank you ā¤

    Lots of love Izzy |

  • Fantastic post, Lauren! I really need to up my photography game and play around with textures and layouts better. I tried to use petals of a real rose today, that I stole from the vase in the living room and realised it has a bug on it, dropped it and screamed out of my room until I was brave enough to face it. It was tiny, but yeah. It wasn’t going to happen. Magazines, and a marble sticker covering a pinboard are my go-to props!

    • Haa Maira that really made me laugh! Definitely get dried petals, so much handier, and no bugs! Magazines are such a handy prop
      x Lauren

  • Emma Ramsell

    As some one who’s awful at photography this is such a helpful post! I’ve never thought about including bowls into imagery! Thank you!

    • I’m sure you are not awful at photography! Pretty much everything can be used a prop, just see what you have and play around to see what works šŸ™‚
      x Lauren

  • Chloe Spacey

    So useful to me right now. My blog photos are dreadful. So nice to see how easy it is just to use stuff that I already have at home like books and throws. Great read.

    Chloe x

    • Your photos are not dreadful Chloe! Definitely take a look around to see what you can find and then just play with different props šŸ™‚
      x Lauren

  • Chloe

    I always struggle to find blog props for my photos! I usually use notepads, flowers and chocolate haha! I’ll definitely be saving this though, I always think coffee table books look lovely:) xx

    • I’m starting to struggle to find anything that i haven’t used a million times before so I need to buy some new things ha. Oh chocolate is a perfect one. I normally always have a drawer full oh hotel choclat chocolates that are perfect for photos
      x Lauren

  • I don’t think I have any blog props. I need to up my game I think. Although I’m sure if I look around I could use some stuff xxxxxx

    • I’m sure you will find loads if you look around! The likes of candles, blankets, even clothes… they are all perfect!
      x Lauren

  • I loved this post. I have got terrible blog photos as I have noting white or marble in my house. Very annoying. This is a brilliant idea how to get that white background and the props ideas are great.

    Thanks for sharing

    Steph xx

    • You haven’t got terrible photos! And mountboard is definitely a life saver for giving a white background. You can even apply marble adhesive to the other side so you can have a marble background as well šŸ™‚
      x Lauren

  • Stacey

    I’m trying to be a little more inventive with my blog pictures so I’ll definitely be stealing some of your ideas from here. I like using jewellery and prints that I have around the house to add a little finishing touch to my photos. The next thing I want to invest in is some nice backgrounds. Ilove your idea of wrapping paper around cardboard. Thanks for the great post.

    • It’s such a perfect cheap option, and so easy to chuck in and out of photos. I actually need to pick up some new wallpapers, I feel like I need some change. Glad it’s helpful šŸ™‚
      x Lauren

  • Holly

    Great tips Lauren! Layering with products makes all the difference to photos

    Holly x

  • Tasha Louise

    Such great tips, I need to pick up some blog props!xxxx

  • I need to get a white mount board, I have a grey one and a pink one but I don’t have a white one.
    Alicia x

    • Ooh I should get some in different colours! Grey and pink sound so useful for my photos.
      x Lauren

  • Tania Ribeiro

    White card or mount boards make such a massive difference. I really want to get a new throw to add to my collection

    Tania ||

    • I love how it means I can take photos anywhere in the house aswell, sometimes I get bored of taking them in my room ha. I need to try and get some new throws for my collection as well.
      x Lauren

  • This is a great post and some really great prop ideas! I often use most of these too x

    Kayleigh Zara

    • Glad it’s a useful post! They are such handy props to have aren’t they?
      x Lauren

  • I’ve been meaning to get card/mountboard for some time for my pictures! Wrapping papers a really good shout too!

    This is a really great post with some ace ideas to help with photography, I’ve felt mines been a bit samey ATM so this has helped tons!

    Iamfoxxtailz | alternative style diary

    • I’m glad it’s helped! I love finding new props I can add to my collection
      x Lauren

  • Shhh you, I love your blog photos!

    And I have some foamboard from HobbyCraft and it works wonders! Only cost Ā£2.00 or something like that too!

    ATM I’m using a cushion in mine to give texture and it makes my photos look lovely (without being big headed)

    Katie x

    • Aww thank-you Katie <3
      Oh I'll have to take a look into HobbyCraft!
      And it's not at all big-headed! You've always got such pretty photos!
      x Lauren

  • happywiseowl

    Wallpaper samples are another way to jazz things up a bit…& they’re free!!!
    Em x

    • Yes wallpaper samples are so useful! I actually need to stock up on a few more wallpaper samples
      x Lauren

  • Annie Bachmet

    I love using my blanket as a prop! Really makes everything pop with the colour contrast! Will have to try foam board! X

    • Blankets are so handy as props aren’t they? And they add a coziness which I love
      x Lauren

  • Tea Party Beauty

    Thereā€™s nothing I love more than a good blog prop – my house is filled with boxes of them haha.

  • Sian…

    This is the sort of post I need! I use samples of wallpaper as my backgrounds! I need to add in more props; flowers sound like a great shout!

    Sian x

    • Wallpaper samples are so useful! Flowers are perfect, especially during the summer šŸ™‚
      x Lauren

  • Charlotte

    I need to add more props into my backgrounds at the moment it is something which I fail to do and I think I need to because it makes everything look so much nicer

    Charlotte x

    • You should definitely give them a try Charlotte, they can really make such a different to photos šŸ™‚
      x Lauren

  • Your photos are amazing!!! You are so creative!
    Do you have an posts with photography tips as well?

  • Elen Lees

    Love all of these suggestions! It just goes to show that you don’t have to spend loads of money to get a good set of blog props. The white backdrop in my pictures is the base of my shower! I clean it off and dry it down whenever I want to take a good couple of blog pictures.
    -El x