Exploring my Local Area: Newcastle

Exploring my Local Area: Newcastle

Sunny days are rare in Northern Ireland. So when they do come about, we have to make the most of them. So on Sunday I decided that me and my boyfriend were actually going to venture away from Netflix, and out to Newcastle.

Newcastle is a seaside town about an hour away from I live. It’s full of arcades, cafes, and lots of pretty walks and adventures. It’s situated at the bottom of Slieve Donard, which is one of the Mourne Mountains, so theres plenty of opportunities for hikes and climbs.

Exploring my Local Area: Newcastle

Exploring my Local Area: Newcastle

One of my favourite things about going to Newcastle is actually the drive there. Seriously, the views on the way in to Newcastle are absolutely stunning. I wish I had pictures, but I was driving so I couldn’t take any out the window, and I didn’t fancy stopping a long the way. But I’ll give you a quick idea of the kind of views you can expect: lots of gorgeous mountains, woods, and the most stunning views of the Irish Sea.

We didn’t do an awful lot in Newcastle. We simply walked around, took in the views and sat by the beach. The place was absolutely packed and I loved the hustle and bustle. Sitting by the beach, watching all the children run around, watching the waves… it was so calm and relaxing.

Exploring my Local Area: Newcastle

Exploring my Local Area: Newcastle

When we got hungry we decided to go to one of the most popular cafes in Newcastle: Cafe Mauds. Mauds is a popular local ice-cream manufacturer, and the cafe is just as popular. The lines for ice-cream where out the door, and the food part was just as busy. I had a lovely burger and chips which came with Ballymaloe Relish- one of my favourite burger toppings- and an onion ring. John got himself a chicken ciabatta, but in typical boy fashion, wouldn’t wait for me to photograph it before he tucked in.

Exploring my Local Area: Newcastle

Exploring my Local Area: Newcastle

Once we finished our lunch we took a lovely stroll back to the car, stopping along the way to sit along the beach and chat. I even got a photo of the two of us, which is a very rare occurrence. And even though I think I love a mess, I love it anyway. After a few hours enjoying the sun, we headed back to my house where we reverted to our favourite pastime: watching Netflix.

  • Nadia

    I have already told you this on Instagram babe but wanted to leave a proper comment as well – I love Newcastle, NI but most of all, I love Mauds there πŸ˜€ Best spot for lunch or an ice cream (yumm!!!). Looks like you guys made the best of the sunny days πŸ™‚
    xox Nadia

  • Lucy

    I really want to visit Ireland in general especially Northern Ireland. Gorgeous photos and you certainly don’t look a mess. Netflix is so addictive so good on you for pulling away for the day haha xxxxxx


  • I have visited Newcastle in the past when I was staying with a friend in Northern Ireland and it was such a lovely place to spend a couple of days! Walking down the seafront was lovely, I wish the weather had been kinder to us so that we could have enjoyed walking more! I’ve actually been to Cafe Mauds too, I can’t remember exactly what I had, but I remember really enjoying it! This brought back so many lovely memories for me, thank you!

    Abbey πŸ‘πŸΌ http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  • What a beautiful place, I haven’t visited before but I’d love to now!, your photography is fab – the food from that cafe looks lovely.
    Charlie | charlieswonderland.co.uk

  • Newcastle is THEE hot spot to head isn’t it? Funny, we were going to head up ourselves on Sunday but the thought of the crowds turned me off the idea and we ended up heading around Antrim coast instead. I actually have never ate in Mauds before? We usually head to a little place called Sea Salt which is probably the most instagram ready cafe ever!

    Newcastle has so many good memories of my childhood for me and it’s always somewhere I love going back to. Also has a pretty amaze beach – Murlough? We have a caravan pretty close to the town so we head up a lot of the summer. Who knows, I might bump into you yet πŸ™‚

    Beautiful photos btw.


  • I’m dying to go to Newcastle! (and not just for the nightlife) but trains are so expensive from Bournemouth! One day xx

    G | http://www.teawithgi.com

  • Tea Party Beauty

    It looks so pretty – not gonna lie, though it took me a while to figure out this wasn’t Newcastle in the UK haha. Also, those chips look delish

  • Amy Eade

    This looks like such a calm place! I’ve always wondered what the other Newcastle is like (I’ve only been to the English city!) and it looks gorge! It’s always nice to explore your local area and something I should really do a lot more!
    Amy xx

  • This looks like the perfect day! I really want to get a car and drive out of London one weekend to see what little towns and villages I can find to stay in – sometimes it makes such a huge difference to escape the hustle and bustle for a little while! XO
    LJLV | Luxury Meets Alternative

  • This sounds like such a lovely day! The photos are gorgeous. I live in a little village and I’m constantly complaining how dull it is when really i should be appreciating my surroundings! Great post.

    Iamfoxxtailz | alternative style diary

  • Holly

    Ireland and Scotland are so alike, I love driving through the countryside, it’s so beautiful and scenic.


  • Such a good idea to serve the burger with local relish! Newcastle sounds really relaxing, it’s nice that it has cafes and a beach but also mountain walks nearby- perfect for chilled sunny days!


  • Sounds and looks like such a beautiful place, I love hearing about other peoples experiences and places to visit. Reminds us how beautiful every corner of the world we live in is!

  • Oo it looks so lovely, your pictures are great!


  • Oh wow, this looks like such a beautiful place! I love the seaside – I live by the beach myself! I can’t bear to be away from the coast for too long! I love the rockery and everything else you’ve taken, so stunning!

    Katie x

  • Tasha Louise

    looks like such a gorgeous place, love your photography xxx

  • Tania Ribeiro

    Looks so beautiful!
    We’re looking at somewhere to go before baby comes that’s still in the UK this looks perfect

    Tania || http://www.taniaalexandraribeiro.com

  • What an amazing post! I love exploring the places around me too πŸ™‚

    Steph xx

    Steph’s World | Lifestyle Blog | http://www.stephsworld.com

  • I think we all should take the time to explore some more around our local areas – so many posts about travelling the world, and we neglect our own cities and countrysides! It looks like you had a great time πŸ™‚ lovely post.


  • It’s fab that you’ve been exploring the areas near you! It looks amazing and what great weather you had x

    Kayleigh Zara

  • Sian…

    This looks like many seaside towns near me in East Yorkshire! I think my favourite days are just walking around places and taking everything in. Of course, finding a cafe that serves excellent food is very important too! That burger looks yummy!

    Sian x