What Daily Blogging Taught Me

what daily blogging taught me

For those of you who don’t know, back in December I took part in blogmas, which is basically where you daily blog everyday in the lead up to December. I had attempted blogmas on two previous occasions, and failed on both times, so when I decided to do blogmas again last year, I knew I had to be prepared. I very happily managed to post every day, and I won’t lie- if I hadn’t completed blogmas, I probably wouldn’t be blogging today. So today I thought I would share with you what daily blogging taught me.

Be prepared

I used to be extremely lax when it came to prepping for my blog. I had tried on a few occasions to be prepared, and I bought so many different notebooks, and files, and tried so many different things, but I had no success. But when I decided I was going to do blogmas I knew I had to change. I couldn’t just expect to sit down and write a blog post each night. I stared prepping back in October, and I started by writing out a list of all the posts I wanted to do. Then I spent the next few weeks trying to get as many of those posts written up as I possibly could. Then I would bulk-take photos on my days off work. After a few weeks I found myself getting into a routine, and that’s a routine I fortunately have managed to keep up to this day.

You have to really think

If there’s one thing daily blogging does, it’s make you think. When you’re posting daily you suddenly have to start really trying to think outside the box, after all, you don’t want your readers to get bored. Honestly I think this was probably the hardest part of it all for me: I’m not the most creative, and I don’t do DIYs or recipes too often, so trying to think of 24 posts was tricky. But it did make me think outside the box. I posted recipe posts for the first time, and my first ever DIY- DIY Coffee Scrub was probably my favourite post of all. It’s inspired me to try and get more creative with my posts in the future, and I definitely want to try and do more recipe posts soon!

You have to be really committed

Boy do you have to be committed. I think that’s where I went wrong the first two times I tried it, I just wasn’t into it. But this time, I had something to prove to myself and that definitely give me the push to complete it! Don’t get me wrong- there were so many times I wanted to give up. It’s not easy working a 42 hour week, and then also trying to do about 10 hours blogging a week plus keep up a social life. So if you are going to try daily blogging then make sure it’s because you want to do it, not because you think you should be.

Daily blogging isn’t for me, but blogging is.

I’m not going to lie, blogmas was very much a make-or-break moment for me in terms of blogging. In 2016 I had really become distant from blogging. I had no motivation, I had stopped talking to fellow bloggers, and my blog was simply going to waste. So I took part in blogmas to see if blogging was really for me. And I was so happy to find out it was. I was so motivated during the last few months of 2016. I couldn’t wait to come home from work to write posts and I had never tried so hard with my photography. When I finished blogmas I had a mind full of ideas for 2017 and had fallen in love with my blog again. Unfortunately however I also knew that daily blogging was not for me: I just don’t have the time or the creativity for it. But blogging- that’s something I definitely love.

Have you ever tried daily blogging?

  • I really admire people who produce so much content around Christmas or any other time. I’m glad it re-ignited your love for your blog x

    • Thank you! It’s definitely a lot of work, especially since Christmas is such a busy time of year. And I’m glad as well, don’t know what I’d do without my blog πŸ™‚
      x Lauren

  • I completely admire anyone that blogs daily. It is something that is so far from a possibility for me. Well no, I could do it. But it wouldn’t be good quality. Some probs wouldn’t have pictures and the list goes on.
    I post twice a week, which is minimal. But it works for me and my life. My blog is my hobby, not my life. I have a husband and a toddler, a dog, a house and a job. That’s my life and what I would have if the computer world didn’t exist.
    I know a few people that have done it as a test to themselves and to also get their mojo back and it seemed to have worked, so I’m glad! πŸ™‚


    • I think that was my issue, the worry about quality. Especially with terms of pictures! If I try blogmas again this year I want to try and step away from the gift guides that I did last year and try and maybe do lookbooks, are more recipe posts, because I thought my gift guides where the least quality!
      I post twice a week as well, but like you it’s my hobby!
      x Lauren

  • It’s wonderful to hear that Blogmas reignited your love of blogging and your connection with the blogging world! I really enjoyed reading your posts, and I agree that the coffee scrub one was a great one! β˜•οΈ It is such a great feeling when you push yourself outside your normal boundaries through blogging and it turns out really well! I have never tried daily blogging, I don’t think I’d enjoy the pressure! I admire your commitment though, well done you! πŸ‘πŸΌ

    Abbey πŸ’“ http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    • Aww thank-you so much Abbey, I always love reading your comments <3 And yes it's definitely great to push your boundaries. It's definitely not something I could do too often because the pressure was so much, but I'm hoping to get planned well in advance and try it again this year!
      x Lauren

  • Tea Party Beauty

    Daily blogging is HARD… I have tried it a few times and it kills me. I usually post 5-6 times a week when I am being a good blogger as I like at least a Saturday off where I don’t have to worry if I have actually scheduled something correctly πŸ™‚

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

    • Wow 5-6 times a week is incredible! I can just about do two right now. It’s nice to have a day off, I definitely think that the promotion aspect of it was one of the hardest parts for me.
      x Lauren

  • Lucy

    I have never tried daily blogging… I struggle with weekly at the minute so really admire anyone that can do it! xxxxxx


    • It definitely takes a lot of work! I admire people who can do it as well, it’s such a serious commitment!
      x Lauren

  • Daily blogging is so hard and to be honest i try it back in the early days of my blog!I don’t even know how i manage to do that!After i read your post though maybe it’s exactly what i need to do!I feel quite distant with my blog at the moment and i just can’t find the way to get back into it and fell in love again!

    xx Aphrodite ~ BubblyBeauty

    • You should give it a try if you think you’ve the time! It was hard work but it gave me such a feeling of accomplishment and pride when I managed it πŸ™‚
      x Lauren

  • I did weekly vlogs last Xmas for vlogmas and found that really difficult. However I really want to give blogmas a go this year haha!
    Congratulations on completing it last year, that takes some serious commitment!

    Iamfoxxtailz | Alternative Style Diary

    • If you decide to give it a go definitely start planning way in advance, I’m already trying to jot down ideas. And thanks, it was a lot of work but made me feel so proud of my blog!
      x Lauren

  • Deimante Baurinaite

    I’ve never tried daily blogging because I just honestly couldn’t find the hours in the day to do it! So well done to you for sticking to it! Glad you’ve decided to keep going πŸ™‚
    Deimante x

    • It’s definitely a tricky thing to do. I couldn’t do it for any longer than the month for blogmas! And I’m glad to, I really do love blogging <3
      x Lauren

  • Jasmin N

    This is so relatable! I blogged daily through 2016 and now I kind of miss it. I wouldn’t have time for it anymore though πŸ˜€

    β™₯ Jasmin N
    // Little Things With Jassy

    • Wow Jasmin that’s amazing, well done you! It’s definitely hard to find the time. I just about have time for two posts a week
      x Lauren

  • Hayley The Tiny

    Definitely don’t think I would be able to be a daily blogger, I did try daily vlogging for a while but when you work a full time job, it’s hard to capture something different everyday without running yourself into the ground. I think daily blogging would be a bit easier, but definitely would take a lot of preparation and planning as you say!

    I never knew about blogmas! Maybe something to aim towards at the end of the year. Once a week is working for me at the moment but once I start preparing all my ideas and posts, maybe twice a week would be a good amount πŸ™‚ I’m always scared of over powering everyone!

    • I’m trying twice a week atm and it’s working well for me! I would love to get myself up to three eventually but I think two for now is perfect for my schedule. If you do decide to do it, my biggest tip is definitely to plan way in advance, I’m already trying to jot down ideas!
      x Lauren

  • I definitely don’t think I’m built for daily blogging, I’ve tried it in the past but found it so hard to keep thinking of interesting content! Your last point is true though, it made me realise I didn’t want to give up on the whole blogging thing altogether!

    Katie xx

    • It really is so tricky isn’t it! I think I’m going to try Blogmas again this year and I’m already trying to think of post ideas.
      x Lauren

  • Sian…

    This definitely gave me some motivation! I only blog daily at Blogmas but I haven’t been posting at all lately! I’ve got an exam coming up next week so as soon as that is out the way, I’ll be using your tips to get back in the game!

    Sian x

    • Oh good luck with your exam Sian! It’s difficult sometimes to balance our lives and our work/education. Hope my tips help πŸ™‚
      x Lauren

  • This is giving me some motivation! I’m definitely not made for daily blogging, I salute people who do it and do it well! Blogmas I managed but only just – that was a struggle trying to find something totally different to talk about every day!

    Katie x


    • It really was a challenge wasn’t it? I’m already trying to think of posts for next year ha.
      x Lauren