How I Achieve a Perfect Base

How I Achieve a Perfect Base

How I Achieve a Perfect Base

When it comes to our makeup, we all focus on different aspects. For some of us, it’s all about the eyes, for others, it’s all about the lips. For me, it’s all about the base. I’ve spent the past few years trying out different products that work for my oily skin and that will last all day. While I’m still on the search for products, I’ve finally found three products that I think will be part of my daily routine for a long time. So todays post is all about how I achieve a perfect base.


The first product I am loving, is the L’Oreal Infallible Priming Base. This is a gel based primer that helps to mattify the skin and helps to make your foundation last all day. I tend to only use this on my t-zone as this is where I am oily, and it definitely helps my makeup last. This primer reminds me slightly of the Make-up Atelier T-Zone Gel Primer that I used to use and love a few years back. If you want to know more about the Infallible Primer you can read my full review here.


I first tried the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation back in October, and I honestly don’t know why it took me so long to try it. Seriously, this foundation is amazing. I think I was always put off by how full-coverage this is supposed to be, as I have always been much more into low/medium coverage. But honestly, I haven’t found it to be super full coverage. Don’t get me wrong, you can build it up to full, but I always manage to get a medium coverage which is perfect for day-to-day wear. Again, I have previously reviewed this, which you can read here.


The third and final product that I use every day for a perfect base, is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. I use this on my under-eyes, chin and any tiny blemishes I might have, and it really helps to perfect my make-up. There’s also absolutely no under-eye creasing from it, which is something that has bothered me about other concealers in the past.

What products do you use for a perfect base?

  • I really need to try Estee Lauder DW, it sounds like such a great base xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc. ❤️

    • Oh definitely do Gemma, it’s an amazing foundation! Anytime I wear it people always compliment me on how flawless my makeup looks.
      x Lauren

  • Shahrzad Saednejad

    Foundation posts are my absolute favourite things to read! I too am all about the base! I have been a long time lover of ELDW it never fails me ♥ I like the sound of the primer and concealer! xxx

    • It’s just such a perfect finish, and lasts all day on me! I have to say they are probably one of my favourite type of posts to read as well 🙂
      x Lauren

  • Lauren Wilkinson

    My current faves are Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, Nars creamy concealer and Bare Mineral BarePro 🙂 I wasn’t overly impressed with ELDW, perhaps I need to give it another go 🙂
    Lauren x bylaurenjane

    • Oh I’ve never tried any of those, but I know my mum loves the Bare Minerals BarePro! I know a few people who don’t like the DW, suppose everyone has such different likes and preferences 🙂
      x Lauren

  • Tea Party Beauty

    I love ELDW, however if I use it with a brush it’s a little too thick for me so I like to use with a beauty blender to sheer it out slightly.

    • Yes it’s definitely too thick when used with a brush! Beauty blenders really do give it such a gorgeous finish 🙂
      x Lauren

  • I love both of these so much!

    My favourite is the NARS sheer glow foundation and NARS creamy concealer!

    Katie x

    • I really want to try the sheer glow foundation! I might have to try and get a sample of it next time I’m in town.
      x Lauren

  • happywiseowl

    I love double wear!! It’s a life saver! I also use the L’Oreal Infallible concealer palette which is great value
    Em x

    • Isn’t it just? I wish I had bought into the hype of it sooner ha. And I have heard so many great things about the palette so I’ll definitely have to give it a try
      x Lauren

  • Deimante Baurinaite

    Ahh I have never used a primer! Does it make a big difference? Also I need new concealer and I will definitely check it out!
    Deimante x

    • It definitely makes a big difference for me, especially in terms of keeping my makeup in place! It’s a great concealer, and so cheap
      x Lauren

  • Yes I needed this post haha! Make isn’t really my strong point and it’s something I want to spend a little time learning about, I wanna try and get an even base when I apply make up but at the moment it never seems to work haha Iamfoxxtailz | Alternative Style Diary

  • I find the perfect base is the most important part of my makeup too! I’ve been searching and searching for my perfect foundation for the past few years after wanting a break from Mac, but I’ve recently come to the conclusion that it’s the only thing that really works for me so I’ve gone back. I always use Smashbox primer with it too. I really want to try Double Wear though, I’ve heard so many good things and the coverage is insane! XO
    LJLV | Luxury Meets Alternative