Things I am grateful for

Things I am grateful for

Hello everybody. As some of you may be aware, I’ve had a pretty shitty few weeks. A few things went on in my personal life that caused me a lot of confusion and tears, and it was just a crappy time. Luckily, in the past week I have managed to get myself out of my emotional dark hole, and I am now feeling a lot happier and more myself. I’ve started to focus on the little things, and everyday I remind myself about what I have to be grateful for. So today, I thought I would share a few things that are currently making me happy.


Where would we be without our friends? The past few weeks my friends have been absolute stars and really helped me to get through everything. I’m so glad that I have people in my life that are like family, and who I can tell anything and everything. Even though we might not live close, we’re always there for each other, and will always be grateful for that.


Spring is here and it’s honestly made me so happy. This past weekend I got to break out my sunglasses, which always helps to cheer me up. The sun has come out and I’m seeing blossom and sunflowers everywhere.

My Blog

Having a place where I can write out my feelings has been such a positive thing for me. It’s a bit like having a diary I suppose. And the people I have met (even if only online) through my blog are some of the sweetest and most supportive people ever. The amount of lovely messages and tweets I got from fellow bloggers… I can’t put into words how much it meant to me.

My Health

Sure, I might get the odd sniffle, but overall I have pretty great health. I’m rarely sick, and I have no physical attributes holding me back. Growing up with a dad who has never let his numerous health problems hold him back, it has taught me to never take my health for granted. After all, you never know what is around the corner.

My Job

I don’t have the best job in the world, and believe me when I say I am trying to find a new one. But I am so grateful that I have a job. There are so many people out there who want to work but can’t for various reasons, so the fact I have a job is something I don’t take for granted (despite how much I might wish I don’t on a Monday morning). It gives me the opportunity to get out of the house, to socialise and to earn money.

What are you happy for?

  • Rianne Mitchell

    Awww Lauren, sorry to hear you haven’t been having a great tome, but, celebrating the little thing around you is a great start to being grateful and really puts things into perspective! Hope this feel-good feeling you’re having stays x

  • Sian…

    I hope everything’s okay lovely! I definitely think when I’m not feeling too great, I try to think about everything I have going for me. So we might not be in the job we want or have the most money, but at least we have a job and a roof over our heads!

    Sian x

  • Great post, it’s always good during the negative testing times, so take some time to really look at what you have. We all have so much to be grateful for.
    I wish you a better month. x


  • I’m also incredibly happy and grateful for my blog, it has brought me so many new friends, opportunities, and ways to be creative! It’s wonderful to read a post like this which expresses such positivity, I always find that reading content like this really makes me think of what I am personally happy and grateful for in my life! Thank you for injecting some happiness into my Monday morning!

    Abbey 👾

  • Love this! I’m so grateful for my blog too! It’s brought me so many new friends, opportunities and a big confidence boost! I’ve been so down lately and reading this has made me realise how much we actually have in our lives to be grateful for!

    Healthwise, I haven’t been too well lately as my B12 levels rocketed so low it was past the time I could take meds for it! So I have been having an injection every other day for the past two weeks to try increase my levels and on top of that my anxiety has been through the roof. I guess I am super grateful for the help the NHS has given me over the past few months and I’m grateful that they was able to give me the course of B12 injections as its given me an energy boost and made me feel alot better!

    Friends is a big one for me right now. Me and my partner of 7 years have been through a rough time over the past few months which has led me to move back home to my parents and also us take a break. I’m super grateful for my friends, I don’t know what I would have done without them lately. The have seriously kept me sane lol!

    Really enjoyed reading this post!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 xxx

    Rachel |