The Reality of Relationships

The Reality of Relationships

When it comes to relationships, most people only ever talk about the good side. Everybody posts their lovey-dovey pictures on instagram, tag themselves into their fun-filled adventures on facebook, and shares the cute things their other half does on twitter. But hardly anybody ever talks about the downsides. The arguments. The nights they spend crying. I mean I totally understand why. Most people want to keep their relationship private. They don’t want to be seen to be complaining or moaning too much, as it opens them up to judgement. But unfortunately, it can lead to people thinking they are alone in having hardships in their relationship.

Recently, I’ve been having a few issues in my relationship. My boyfriend has been more distant, and I’ve been bitching at him a lot more. He’s not even necessarily the reason I bitch at him. I have a lot of areas in my life that I am unhappy with, and unfortunately I take it out on him. But it has an impact. However, despite how I have been feeling, I felt like I couldn’t talk to my friends about it. Both of my best friends are in relationships, and I viewed both of their relationships as being perfect.

However a few weeks ago, I realised this wasn’t exactly the case. I’m not going to go into details, because it’s not my life to talk about, but it made me realise that I’m not necessarily alone in the bad times. And then on twitter last week I actually had this exact same conversation with a few girls on twitter.

See heres the thing. Almost all couples argue at some point. A lot of relationships go through a rocky patch. No relationship is perfect, despite how it might be portrayed on instagram. When I opened up to the girls in one of my group chats a few of the girls replied saying that they knew exactly how I feel because they’ve been through the same thing.

This is a bit of a random post. I’ve written it in the space of ten minutes when my head is filled of confusion and sadness over my relationship. So if there’s mistakes, or any of it doesn’t make sense, then please just ignore it, because I won’t be proof-reading. Basically I’m only putting it up to let you all know that you aren’t alone. If you’re having issues, talk to somebody. Because trust me, the support you will get is so much better than the pain of keeping it all to yourself.

  • Yes Lauren!! Thank you for bringing the realness! How people portray their relationships online is sometimes just not reflective of reality – Instagram and Facebook are the highlight reels of people’s lives and not necessarily their day to day living! Relationships are tough, but if it’s meant to be, it will happen! You’re a wonderful girl and so strong, you can get through anything even if it feels like you can’t! Got your back ❤️

    Abbey 💋

  • Lucy

    Totally agree Lauren. The thing is the negative won’t be put on Instagram because they’re not moments you want to remember. The happy times and the tags are there because they are memories that you want to keep. You’re not alone. Me and my other half are getting married in 62 days and I moaned at him about his driving earlier lol. It can’t be kisses cuddles and roses every single day. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • ADoseOfChatter

    Sending lots of love!!! I think because of social media, people like others to look on every aspect of their life as perfect when in reality it absolutely isn’t. Lovely post, and thank you for being so honest ❤ Izzy |

  • Jo Westmoreland

    I totally agree that we shouldn’t believe everything that’s posted on Social media as most of it won’t portray the whole truth, this is such a great little read! thanks so much for this post and I’m always here to talk to/rant to if you ever need about anything! 🙂 xx

  • Sian…

    Relationships are not always as perfect as people portray online!

    Sian x

  • Totally agree. Myself and my partner have been together 7 years – we are currently going through a rocky patch and its the hardest thing I think I have ever dealt with. I have moved back to my mums to give him space as he just seemed so distant from me.

    I’m not sure where our relationship is going to end up as one minute things are fine but the next they aren’t. It sucks!

    I hope your okay lovely and if you ever need to chat I’m only a DM away on twitter!

    Lots of love, Rachel xxx