I’m Back on Youtube?

I'm Back on Youtube?

Hello everybody! Today’s post is a super quick update post because, as you can see from the title, I’m back on youtube! Most of you probably don’t know that this is actually my third attempt at youtube. I first started making videos about 4 or 5 years ago on a separate channel when I was in my final year of uni. They were all filmed on my Macbook Pro in my bedroom at my uni house. My second attempt was 2 years ago. I had upgraded from my macbook to a crappy point and shoot camera, but my background had definitely improved.

And now for attempt three! I’ve upgraded my equipment again: this time to a Canon 700d. And my background is the prettiest background I’ve had yet. So here’s hoping I can actually stick with it, because I do quite enjoy making videos, as awkward as I might be ha.

My first video is a ‘Get To Know Me Tag’ and I would love everyones feedback on it! I haven’t quite mastered the art of focusing, so please excuse that, I promise I’m working on it. And I would love everybody’s suggestions for future videos! In future my upload day will be Sunday rather than Wednesday like when I uploaded this video.

Also don’t worry, I won’t be spamming my blog with all of my youtube videos! I’ll be back to normal posts on Friday!

  • Aisha

    Your lipstick is amazing!! What is it? I’m a cat lady and I really want to visit Asia too xx


    • Thank-you Aisha, it’s a Sleek Matte Me in Old Hollywood 🙂
      x Lauren

  • Good luck lovely!
    Great first post.
    I’ve been umming about a ‘come-back’ myself.. it’s the editing side of youtube that I struggle with and also hating my own voice.lol


    • Oh do it Caroline! I would love to watch your videos 🙂 I hate my voice as well ha, I think we all do.
      x Lauren