Favourite Spring/Summer Lipsticks

Favourite Spring/Summer Lipsticks

We’re now into March which means, despite what the weather might say, Spring is on it’s way. With the arrival of Spring, I’ve been starting to mix up my make-up look, and the main difference is what lipsticks I’ve been using. Instead of dark berry reds, I’ve been reaching for brighter, more fun shades. So today I thought I would share all of my favourite Spring/Summer shades with you all.

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Coachella Coral’

Coachella Coral is one of the most beautiful shades that I own. It’s a lovely soft coral shade that is perfect for those who want something bright, but not too in-your-face. I like to pair it with the CT Lip Cheat ‘Pink Venus’ for the perfect lip.

Revlon Lip Butter ‘Candy Apple’

I bought a load of these lip butters back when they first came out and were extremely popular. While I’ve moved on from most of them, Candy Apple still remains one of my favourites. It’s a beautiful sheer red that is perfect for an easy summer day-time look. It’s also extremely moisturising on the lips.

NYX Lipstick ‘Femme’

NYX Femme is one of the brighter lipsticks I tend to go for. It’s a gorgeous bright coral, which is neither to pink or to orange. This works best on warmer skin tones, so I generally only wear it when I have a tan. It also lasts pretty well considering the price.

MAC Lipstick ‘Ravishing’

This has long been one of my favourite MAC lipsticks. MAC Ravishing is the perfect orangey toned nude, that works well on my whether I have tan on or not. Because it isn’t too bright it works really well for all occasions.

OCC Lip Tar ‘Grandma’

I have had this lip tar in ‘Grandma’ for so long, as you can probably tell by the fact I still have the old packaging. I should probably chuck it out, but it’s just such a beloved summer favourite for me that I can’t. This is a gorgeous bright coral shade, that I can only wear when I have a tan, but is absolutely beautiful. The only downside is how drying they are, but I’m used to that by now.

What lipsticks do you like to reach for in the brighter months?