How I Edit my Blog and Instagram Photos

How I Edit My Blog and Instagram Photos
How I Edit my Blog and Instagram Photos

Over the past few months I have worked really hard on finding a way of editing my photos that I could really call ‘me’. I used to do the usual super bright, white, saturated photos that a lot of bloggers are a fan of. And don’t get me wrong, I do like that style of photo, I just decided it wasn’t what I wanted for my blog. So now, while I still go for white, I prefer a slightly darker, more contrasted style of photo. And I definitely stay away from the saturation option! So today I thought I would share with you all how I edit my blog and instagram photos.

Before I actually get into the editing I should probably do a quick over of how I take my photos. All of my blog photos are taken in RAW format on a Canon 700d using a 50mm 1.8 lens. Using the RAW format means I can fully edit the components of my photos in Photoshop, which is what I use to edit every single one of my blog photos, and 99% of my Instagram photos.

1. Edit in RAW Mode

As I’ve already mentioned, I take all of my photos in RAW format. You can tell if a photos is in RAW by looking at its extension: if it’s photoname.CR2, then it’s a RAW photo. I simply open this up in photoshop, and it takes you straight into the RAW edit box.

How I Edit my Blog and Instagram Photos

This is the control box that comes up when you first open up the image. The first thing I always do is edit the White Balance. The way I change this really just depends on the image, and the biggest tip I can give you is to try and get the white balance correct when you first take the image.

For the rest of the edits, I pretty much always make the same adjustments: I increase the Exposure, Contast, and the Whites, and I decrease the Blacks slightly. As with the white balance, these edits all depend on the image in question, but generally I don’t have to make huge differences to these. Next I move on to Clarity and Vibrance. I always increase clarity to 20, and vibrance to 10. There is also a saturation option here, but I never touch this.

How I edit my blog and instagram photos

This is how my settings looked after I edited this particular photo. Please ignore the random red lines, they show up due to my outdated laptop, but they don’t show on the actual photo.

Next, I hit on the second tab ‘Tone Curve‘. I only ever make 2 edits to these settings: I increase the Lights and decrease the Darks. After this my RAW editing is complete, and I hit the ‘Open Image’ button.

How I edit my blog and instagram photos

2. Adjustment Layers

The next step I do, is to edit my photos using adjustment layers. The first edit I make is Levels. To do this, go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels. When the properties box pops up, I always click in to Presets > Darker.

How I edit my blog and instagram photos

How I edit my blog and instagram photos

Then, I go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves. Similar to Levels, I always click into Presets > Darker.

How I edit my blog and instagram photos

How I edit my blog and instagram photos

Then, I go to Layers > New Adjustment Layer > Black > White. Again, I went to Presets > Darker. After this I adjust the Opacity: normally I choose 40, but I go up or down slightly depending on the image.

How I edit my blog and instagram photos

How I edit my blog and instagram photos

How I edit my blog and instagram photos

3. Resize, and Crop.

Last but not least, I resize and crop. To resize, go to Image > Image Size. I always resize my blog photos so they have a width of 1700, and my Instagram photos are always resized to have a width of 1080 since this is the recommended optimal size. Finally, I sometimes crop my Instagram pictures into a square format, though to be totally honest I normally just crop them in the app itself.

Well there you have it, how I edit my photos! This might seem like a lot of work, but it actually isn’t. It takes me an average of 5 minutes to edit a blog photo. I’ve even made my photoshop steps (aka the adjustments levels) into an Action in order to make this a quicker process for myself, since all I have to do now is click a button and they are all done. I’m definitely happy with this whole process, and I hope this post will be of use for some of you!

How I edit my blog and instagram photos

  • ADoseOfChatter

    Your photos are so on point!!! I’m not really a fan of the over saturated images where you can see nothing but the product. They just look a little fake to me? Like you said though, things like white balance I try to sort in my camera settings before the photo is taken cause I find that’s not something you can get back in editing.

    Great detailed post lovely!❤
    Izzy |

    • Aww thank you Izzy! I find over-saturated imaged give me such a headache ha. White balance is the worst, I just wish my camera would give me perfect wb every time.
      x Lauren

  • Sian…

    I love your photos! I just take/edit photos on my phone as I’m not into the photography enough to warrant buying a decent camera. I think in the future I will, and I’ll definitely keep your post saved to help me out when I do!

    Sian x

    • Thank you so much Sian! It is a big purchase to make, I actually need to start getting more use of out mine. But phones take such amazing pictures these day, and the editing apps you can get are unreal!
      x Lauren

  • This all looks so technical lol! I love your photo’s though they are amazing!

    I am using my phone at the moment for blog photo’s but I am ordering myself a new camera on payday!

    To edit my photos I use FaceTune and SnapSeed on my phone which works alright but once I get a camera I intend to get some PC software to use!

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂 xx
    Rachel |

    • Thank you Rachel! And I promise it’s not as technical as it looks ha. Which camera are you thinking of getting? I love facetune! I use facetune and VSCO. I have snapseed but I haven’t used it too much
      x Lauren

  • Editing a pic can make all the difference.. I loved reading this technical post as i’m looking for a different way to edit photos.. i’m just using VSCO atm but thinking of switching to photoshop.. I really light how your editing enhances the product but you can tell it looks like the real product still


  • I love this! I’m always so interested in seeing how people edit their photos differently. I love how yours are looking!