Twitter Chat Calendar

Twitter Chat Calendar

Hello everyone! One of my favourites things to do on Twitter is to take part in twitter chats, and it’s something I recommend to any new bloggers. Not only do they help you meet new bloggers, you also get some really amazing help and advice from them!

What are twitter chats?

Twitter chats are weekly chats in which a question is asked and you answer and include a relevant hashtag so people can see your tweets. Each hashtag normally has a particular theme to the topics and the chats are often hosted by guest hosts. For example, the #bbloggers chat always revolves around beauty, the #lbloggers around lifestyle and the #fbloggers around fashion. Other chats, such as #beechat can have more of a variety of topics. The host will ask a question relating to the topic, and then you will all answer. The idea is that you all talk to each other and discuss the questions and topics.

One thing I’ve realised over the years, is that there are a lot of chats. I tend to be quite a forgetful person and normally remember a chat half way through. So in order to try and remind myself, I decided to make an iPhone calendar. I thought it would be great to share with you all, so that you can also remember the chats!

Now I’m sure I have not included every single chat on this calendar. I have however included all of the main ones that I personally know of. At the end of this post I will be including a downloadable iPhone calendar that you can subscribe to and that I will be updating regularly with new chats.

Below, I have included a twitter chat calendar image that you can save to your laptop/phone! If you would prefer an iPhone calendar then download it here.

Twitter Chat Calendar

  • This is such a useful post, Lauren! Thanks for sharing! I absolutely love Twitter chats – #beechat is a firm favourite of mine, as is #TeacupClub! ✨

    Abbey 🌸

    • Thanks for reading Abbey, I’m really glad people are finding it helpful! I’ve only got to take part in both of those chats a few times but they are both really good! I thing #thegirlgang and #fblchat have to be my favourites.
      x Lauren

  • Em

    This is so so useful, especially to new bloggers!! Twitter chats are so good for bloggers and just for fun but it’s hard to remember when they all are! xx

    Em //

    • I’ve been talking to a lot of new bloggers recently and most of them would ask about chats so that’s actually what inspired me to put together this post 🙂 And yes it’s so difficult, there’s so many of them ha
      x Lauren

  • Lucy

    I really need to get involved with the twitter chats. I always seem to miss them though xxxxx

    • Oh you definitely should Lucy, you get talking to so many amazing people through them!
      x Lauren

  • Helena Mulhearn

    Such a handy post I’m always needing to check when the chats are on x

    • Glad people are finding it helpful 🙂 Thanks for reading Helena!
      x Lauren

  • Tomi Kay

    Thanks for this post. I haven’t joined a twitter chat in a long while but I find the iPhone calendar you have to be really handy.

  • This is so useful! I love contributing to Twitter chats but always discover they’re almost finished when I find them! Xxx

    • That used to happen to me all the time! I always remembered them in the last 5 minutes ha. Thanks for reading
      x Lauren

  • Freya

    Thank you SO much for this! Really needed a calenar to keep on top of these chats. Hopefully we can catch up at one soon!
    Freya –

    • Your very welcome Freya! I’m glad people find it useful 🙂 Yes hopefully! Thanks for reading
      x Lauren

  • Cool beans! I’m happy to see #TeacupClub included. Thank you so much for that. I always love peeking at chat calendars like this because I learn about chats I didn’t know existed. Thank you, Lauren!

    Breanna Catharina

    • Oh your very welcome! 🙂
      I found so many new chats myself when I was putting together this calendar! Can’t wait to take part in them. Thanks for reading
      x Lauren

  • Sian…

    Twitter chats are so much fun! I love finding new bloggers to follow and I’ve discovered some of my faves through chats! Thank you for an updated list!

    Sian x

    • No problem Sian, glad it’s been useful for people 🙂 That’s why I love them as well! That and the amount of new things I learn
      x Lauren

  • Thank you so much for this post! Twitter chats are a lot of fun, I wish I had more time to take part in more of them.

    • They’re hard to find the time for sometimes, but I try and make myself join at least once a week! And your welcome, I’m glad people seem to be finding it helpful!
      x Lauren

  • Rianne Mitchell

    I havent taken part in a twitter chat for what feels like donkeys but it really is a great way to push your blog out there and meet other bloggers. One that I like joing on Wednesdays is #SheHeartsChat x

  • One of my aims this month is to take part in more blogger chats! Last year I was so active in them but since taking a “blogging break” I haven’t participated! I’ve bookmarked this post so I can keep a tab on what chats are on each day!

    Thanks! x
    Rachel |