My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Favourite Instagram Accounts

Hello everyone! Like a lot of people, I have a slight obsession with instagram. I start every morning by scrolling through my feed, and I’m on it constantly throughout the day. Recently I’ve noticed that so many people are absolutely killing it on insta, so I thought I would share my favourite instagram accounts with you.



Caitlin’s instagram account has long been one of my favourites. She always posts amazing photos that are always perfectly styled (seriously, Caitlin has the BEST props). Her theme is bright, white and airy with lots of pops of pink.



Milly’s account is another one of my long time favourites. She doesn’t have a theme as such, but all of her pictures still fit together perfectly. There is a mixture of style, travel and interiors pictures and they are all perfectly shot!



I only discovered Trona’s account a few weeks ago through a twitter chat, but I instantly fell in love! I mostly follow beauty and fashion accounts so this account definitely stands out for me in my feed. Trona definitely takes some of the most gorgeous photos I’ve ever seen and they are all perfectly edited!



I absolutely love Katy’s instagram, and I just love how she edits her photos! Katy is also another fellow NI blogger so I always enjoy seeing Belfast pop up in her instagram photos, especially her photos of the palm house! It’s one of my favourite spots in Belfast and her photos of it always look so gorgeous.



Lily seriously takes some of my favourite blog photos ever, and as such, I love nothing more than scrolling through her instagram feed. Every picture is perfectly shot, and her white and pink theme is just so dreamy. Seriously, if you need blog photo inspiration then check out Lily’s account!

What are your favourite Instagram accounts?

  • Lucy

    I love instagram!! I would love to be bothered to have a theme etc but looks like so much effort lol xxxxxx

    • It is a lot of work, I started a theme back in December but I’m not sure you could say I’ve really stick to it ha!
      x Lauren

  • omggg some amazing photos!!! I need to step my game up!! xox

    • Aren’t they all amazing Emma? Really help to motivate me to work harder ha
      x Lauren

  • Niamh Neeve

    love love love pretty instagram! I am going to have to check them out xxx

    • So do I Niamh! And I feel like everyones really stepping up their game these days
      x Lauren

  • Jasmin N

    I absolutely adore Milly’s feed 🙂 everything looks so pretty!

    <3: Jasmin N

  • Debra-Bow

    I follow two out of the five Insta’s you followed, so I’m going to correct that and go and follow the other three right now! Great post. I love discovering new Insta’s!

    • So do I Debra! I feel like these sort of posts have become my favourite 🙂
      x Lauren

  • MissBeautyEmily

    All of these IG accounts look beautiful! I don’t think I follow any of these so guess what I’ll be doing now.. haha!

    Emily x

  • Great choices. I follow Milly. Love her pretty and crisp pictures. She’s an absolute babe too.
    I’ve unfollowed and widened my current search and like of pages to follow on insta. I do like crisp and white, but feel slightly overwhelmed by them. I like quite raw and dark too.. @queenbeady has this on point!


  • Rianne Mitchell

    Ooh new people to follow! Ive just peeped Katy’s feed and I’m in love 💕

  • ADoseOfChatter

    Oooh I already followed Lily but the rest are all new to me! Thanks for the Insta inspo 😍

    Fab post! Lots of love Izzy |

  • Sian…

    These Insta feeds are some of my faves too! They’re always so crisp and clean! Something we can all aspire to!

    Sian x