Why I Love My Blog

Why I Love My Blog

Lately I’ve really been getting back into blogging. After a long period of having no motivation, and not even wanting to go near social media, I’m suddenly full of inspiration and loving twitter. So today I thought I would share my favourite parts of blogging with you all, so that the next time I lose my motivation, I can reread this post and remind myself why I do it in the first place.

1. It gives me a place to talk about my interests

I’m lucky in that I have very patient friends, who let me drone on about makeup without telling me to shut-up, but for the most part I don’t like to bore them with my constant beauty chat. That’s where my blog comes in. I know I can put up post after post about makeup without anybody complaining, and nobody on twitter is going to laugh at me getting overdramatic over finding the perfect lipstick shade. Aside from makeup, it also gives me a platform to discuss my opinions on different topics, and even though I’m not the most opinionated of all my blogger friends, it’s nice to know I can share my opinions.

2. The people

I follow some amazing people on twitter. People who aren’t afraid to share their opinions, people who are crazy talented and people who are simply absolutely lovely to talk to. If I’m having a down day, there’s always someone there to talk to, and if I ever need help or advice, there’s always somebody willing to help.

3. It’s gave me the opportunity to learn

Through blogging I have learnt so much. If you look back at my very first posts then you will see how much I have grown as a blogger. My photography skills, editing skills and even my writing skills have improved. I have also learnt so much about html, analytics, how to manage social media… and the best thing is all of these skills can be added to my CV!

4. I now know what I want to do with my life

When I started my blog I thought I wanted to work with children. I had just finished university after graduating with a BA in Early Childhood Studies and I was looking into doing a PGCE to become a teacher. Fast forward three years and I have now realised that working with children is not for me. I love doing this. Blogging, social media management, working with PR’s and other people. And even though I am currently struggling to get my foot into the door without a relevant degree, I’m not going to give up. Even if that means eventually giving in and going back into education.

Why do you love your blog?