Current Netlix Favourites

Current Netlix Favourites

Like any normal person, I am addicted to Netflix. My waking moments seem to consist of work and netflix (yes, I know, what a fun life I lead) and I am constantly on the lookout for new shows and films to watch. So I thought it would be fun to share with you all what I have been loving lately! If you have any favourites let me know in the comments so I can give them a watch!

1. Suits

This has to be one of the best tv shows I have ever watched it! Seriously, I finished it in a matter of weeks because it’s that addicting. If you love law shows with witty characters then this is your show. Donna, Harvey and Louis are some of the best characters EVER.

2. Gilmore Girls

Ok, so I know this is an old show, but I just never grow bored of it, no matter how many times I watch it. And now that the new episodes are coming out (less than a month to go!) it’s give me another excuse to rewatch for the millionth time.

3. Audrie and Daisy

Ok, so this is a documentary rather than a tv show, but I honestly think it’s something that everybody should watch! It focuses on the sexual assaults of Audrie and Daisy, the aftermath, and what became of the boys who assaulted them. Now I’m warning you, this documentary will probably leave you feeling extremely angry and frustrated at the legal system, but it’s so eye-opening and educational.

4. Trailer Park Boys

This is a mockumentary set in Canada and is absolutely hilarious! I haven’t actually watched this from the beginning, as I just tend to watch it whenever I’m at my boyfriends, but it’s a very easy show to flit in and out of, and every episode is as funny as the last.

5. QI

QI is one of all time favourite shows, and I’m still not quite over the fact Stephen Fry has left! For anyone who hasn’t watched it, it is a hilarious panel based quiz show that revolves around ‘quite interesting’ facts. Seriously, if you’ve never watched it, then watch it now!

What are you loving on Netflix atm?