Review | Nail HQ Gel Top Coat *

Nail HQ Gel Top Coat

Chipped manicures are the bane of my life. I work in a supermarket and my job involves opening a lot of boxes and cases, and as you can probably imagine, my nails take a huge amount of damage. Because of this, I am always on the lookout for nail polishes and top coats that will withstand a lot of work. So when Nadine from Sparkle PR gave me the opportunity to try a product from Nail HQ, I jumped at the opportunity to try their gel top coat.

Nail HQ Gel Top Coat

The Nail HQ Gel Top Coat * promises to “seals in colour, protecting against chipping and extending wear time”. Best of all, it promises an ultra glossy finish without the need of a UV Light. When it arrived I decided to break out my favourite Barry M nail polish (Vintage Violet in case you’re wondering) and paint my own nails for the first time in forever.

After applying two coats of nail polish, I finished my nails off with one coat of the top coat. When my nails dried I instantly noticed how shiny my nails were. I’ve always thought Barry M nail polishes are very shiny anyway, but once you add this top coat it goes to next level shininess! But I’m sure the level of shininess of my nails is not why you are all reading this post, so we’ll get onto the main point… does it help to prevent chips? Well, I am very happy to say, that, YES, this polish definitely helped keep my nail polish chip free. I managed to go a week and a half before I got any chips, compared to the usual few days with a normal top coat. Now I don’t think this top coat is as strong as the top coat they apply when you actually get gel polish applied, but for an at home solution, I think this is great!

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