My Favourite Apps for Blogging

My Favourite Apps for Blogging

Technology is such a big part of everyday life, and nowadays you can find an app for pretty much anything you could possibly need one for. Lately I’ve found the apps on my iPhone and iPad to be extremely handy when it comes to blogging; they allow me to keep up-to-date and involved even when I’m on the move. So today I thought I would share my favourite blogging apps with you all.

1. Twitter

This has to be one of my favourite apps in terms of blogging. A lot of my interaction and traffic comes from Twitter, and I’m sure this is the case for a lot of bloggers, so it is important to keep active, and having this app on phone allows me to do that.

2. Buffer

As I have already mentioned, a lot of my traffic comes from twitter, and for that reason it is important for me to be sharing my links quite regularly. This can be quite difficult when I am in work or I am busy, and this is where Buffer comes in. Buffer allows me to schedule my tweets in line with a custom schedule that I have set. So each night, I schedule my tweets for next day and then the app takes care of the rest. Buffer also allows you to see the analytics for each of these tweets which I find extremely useful.

3. Instagram

I am obsessed with Instagram. I like to keep my feed updates and I check it out atleast 3 or 4 times a day. Recently I decided to start using it to promote by blog by sharing images of my recent posts, and while I can’t say I am getting a huge amount of traffic from it, it has helped slightly. But besides sharing my images, I also like to use instagram to find new blogs, and to find inspiration for posts and photos. I do this by searching through the ‘Explore’ page which features pictures that are tailored to you, so for me they feature a lot of beauty and lifestyle themes pictures.

4. Evernote

Personally I am a fan of the old-fashioned notebook and pen when it comes to writing down my blogging ideas and information, however there are times when I am out and about that I just don’t have access to my notebook. On these occasions I find Evernote to be a lifesaver. It is a note-based app slightly similar (but miles better) than the Notes app. I love that it allows you to have different notebooks so you can keep all of your notes organised. Also, Evernote syncs across all of your platforms, so I can access my notes whether I am on my laptop, phone or iPad.

5. Pinterest

Recently I have been getting back into Pinterest. Like instagram, I do use this for blog promotion, however I find it most useful for getting inspiration for my posts, photos, and also for finding some really great information and advice on blogging.

So there you have it, my favourite apps for blogging. I am sure there are so many other great apps out there that I haven’t heard of, so make sure to let me know your favourite apps in the comments!