Girls Trip to Amsterdam

Well, it has been a while since I was last posting on here. I can’t believe I’ve let myself go almost 4 months without blogging. Quite a lot has happened since I last blogged, so I thought I would make my return by sharing a few photos from my recent trip to Amsterdam.

My two best friends Laura and Rosie are teachers, so for their half term we decided we would head off somewhere none of us had been before, and after a bit of looking around we booked a trip to Amsterdam. We went on the 26th October (a Monday), with Rosie and myself meeting Laura in Amsterdam since she lives in London and we where flying from Belfast. After a very straightforward flight, we met Laura in the airport and headed to the airport, only for us to get onto the wrong train. Luckily a very nice man informed us of this shortly after and we were able to get off at the next station and back in the other direction to Amsterdam Centraal!


Girls trip to Amsterdam
Typical selfies at the airport

When we finally got ourselves into Amsterdam we took a tram to our hotel. We stayed in the Rembrandt Square Hotel which I would definitely recommend to anybody who is looking to visit Amsterdam. It was in a perfectly central location and the hotel itself was cheap but perfect for our needs. Personally when I’m on a trip away to somewhere new I prefer to spend my money on activities rather than the hotel, and this hotel allowed us to do that, while still having some comfort.

Rembrandt Square itself is a very lively square with lots of restaurants, bars and people around, and the atmosphere was great. Our first night was spent in one of the many bars enjoying a few drinks and gossiping.



Girls trip to AmsterdamThe best travel buddies a girl could ask for

We started off our first proper day with a trip to the Anne Frank House. After a very long wait in line (approx 2 and a half hours) we finally got into the house. I have to say the wait was definitely worth it and if you’re in Amsterdam you should definitely add this to your itinerary. I remember learning a little bit about Anne Frank when I was younger but I couldn’t really remember very much, and neither could Laura and Rosie, so it was a very informative experience for us all. To think about what the Frank family, and all other Jewish families had to go through back then was heartbreaking, and definitely made me feel a lot more grateful about the opportunities we have today.

The next on our list was a walk down to Damrak, where we headed to the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store for a cheese and wine tasting. All three of us are great lovers of both cheese and wine, so this was a perfect activity for us. During the tasting there was only us three and two others which made for a fun time. While tasting five different cheeses and three wines, we got to take part in a fun little quiz which I was very happy to win!

Girls trip to Amsterdam
The beautiful canals

On the Wednesday we started the day off with a little bit of brunch at a local cafe before heading to the Heineken Factory for the Heineken Experience. I have to say it was a very fun tour with lots of interactive experiences for the visitors to take part in, from a virtual ‘pour your own pint’ to difference rugby and football related activities. At the end of the tour you can either pour your own pint or go into the bar and get a drink which is what we decided to do.

Later that night we headed to the Ice Bar, which was a fun bar where, as the name suggests, everything is made of ice, including the glasses you drink from. Definitely a fun bar to head to, and the freezing cold temperatures definitely help wake you up (seriously, I was wearing a thick coat plus the big coat they supply and gloves, and I was still freezing). We ended the night with a walk through the red light district before heading to a few bars and clubs.

Girls trip to Amsterdam
Girls on Tour

Unfortunately Thursday brought the final day of our trip. We spent the morning visiting gift shops and doing a few fun things before having to head back to the airport to head home. After saying goodbye to Laura at the airport Rosie and myself boarded the plane back to Belfast and reality. I’m already looking forward to our next trip, whether it’s to Belfast, or somewhere more exotic.

Girls trip to Amsterdam
The gorgeous Amsterdam in the evening