Review | Make-Up Atelier Tzone Gel

Make-up Atelier Tzone Gel

I’m sure I have mentioned this before, but one of my biggest skincare issues is how unbelievably oily my skin can get. I’m not talking a slight bit of shine here, I mean full on oil that no amount of matte foundations and powder seems to be able to keep under control. So you can understand my skepticism when I was recommended the Make-Up Atelier Tzone Gel by a make-up artist who was giving me a make-up lesson.

The first thing I noticed about this base product is how thick it was. I have used gel primers before but none have been as thick as this one. When I first rubbed it onto my tzone I will admit I was worried that it was just going to look greasy; after all a thick layer of gel on your skin isn’t what you generally want. However my worries where quickly dashed… instantly my tzone looked matte instead of shiny.

I was still slightly unsure however at how well my skin would hold up over time, as I had used products before that managed to work instantly but within an hour had me back to looking an oily mess. But by the end of my makeup lesson my skin was still looking perfectly matte and shine free, which resulted in me buying it despite still not having give it a proper trial (I’m definitely an impulse buyer).

Well I’m happy to say that by the end of the night, my makeup was still looking perfect, and that this product has became a daily staple in my make-up routine. There have even been days where I have managed to go without using powder and my foundation has still managed to last 4/5 hours before starting to look oily, whereas without, I wouldn’t even have even managed to get out of my front door.

The product comes in a pump tube which perfectly dispenses the correct amount I need for my tzone. The only thing I don’t like about this pump is that I worry about how much might be wasted when I come to the end of the tube. That however is an issue I’ll solve when I come to it. The only other downside I can think of for this product is the price. At £14 for only 10ml, a lot of people might consider it to be on the pricey side. However I honestly think this is worth every penny, as it definitely has made a massive difference to my makeup routine.

Overall, I 100% recommend this product for anyone who has oily skin. As I’ve mentioned it costs £14 for a 10ml tube which can be bought online. The 10ml is the only size I can find online, however the tube I bought is actually a 15ml. I’m not sure if perhaps this size has been discontinued or only available in stores.