NueVue… A Phone Case that Cleans?

NueVue... A Phone Case that Cleans?

Have you ever thought about the amount of bacteria that is found on you phone? I didn’t, at least not until I heard about the company NueVue *. If you are anything like me, you spend a lot of time trying to look after your skin. From ensuring I have a good skin care routine in place, to regularly changing my pillowcases and sheets, I work hard to try and keep my skin looking good. However I never stop to thing about the damage the bacteria on my phone is doing. This is where NueVue comes in. The main idea behind their cases is they reduce the bacteria on your iPhones and iPads by up to 99%.

NueVue... A Phone Case that Cleans?
NueVue... A Phone Case that Cleans?
NueVue... A Phone Case that Cleans?

The NueVue iPhone Case* comes in a variety of materials and colours. This means there should be something to appeal to everyone. I have the Canvas case in purple and lime green, which is a fun colour combination. When you first receive the case there is a one-time wipe which you can use on your screen. This removes all of the dirt and bacteria that has built up before starting to use your case.

The first thing that I noticed when using this case is how tight the fit is. At first was slightly annoying as it can be a slight struggle to get it in and out. However it ensures your phone isn’t going to slip out and fall to the floor. To eject your phone you simply push from the bottom. Also, because of this open bottom, you can charge while your phone is in the case. Unfortunately it isn’t possible to listen to music due to the socket being covered.

As I have already mentioned, the main feature of these cases is their ability to clean your phone. The lining of each case is made using Biocotes, which help to reduce the bacteria on your phone by 99% in 2 hours. I think this is such a great idea as I’m sure a lot of people are very lazy when it comes to properly cleaning your screens, so this does all of the work for you. And best of all, the Biocote doesn’t wear away which means you can use your case for as long as you have your phone! One thing to note however is that this case only cleans natural dirt and bacteria, so if you have spilt food or anything like that on it then give it a quick wipe before putting it back in the case.

I have been using this case for a week now and I am in love with it. My screen is so much clearer now, and the annoying smudges are gone. NueVue also have a line of iPad cases so I think I might just be investing in one of those next. The full range of NueVue cases can be bought from

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